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Exclamation Guide to Important Threads & Sites

This thread is a guide to all the important threads and sites relating to modding the following games: TR Legend, TR Anniversary, TR Underworld & TR Angel of Darkness.

Modding Basics:
If you are new to modding, and want to learn how to get started in either creating mods for these games, or running other people's mods, you'll need to download a program called TexMod (you can also try Tomb Ripper, but TexMod is recommended and works for all these games). The following page contains download links for TexMod & Tomb Ripper, as well as tutorials on how to use them. Though the page is about the TRL, the same applies to TRA & TRU modding.


Main Modding threads:
These are the main modding threads for these four games. If you want to post your own mods, or ask about specific mods for any of these games, please post in the thread for that particular game instead of starting a new thread. General inquiries about modding can also be posted in any of these threads (keep in mind that AoD modding is rather different from the other three games).

Tomb Raider Legend Modding, Costumes & Texturing - Part II
Tomb Raider Anniversary Modding, Costumes & Texturing - Discussion
Tomb Raider Underworld Modding, Costumes & Texturing - Discussion
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Modding, Costumes & Texturing – Discussion (the older thread can be found here: AOD Mod release thread)

Even if you don't have the games for PC, you can try your hand at modding Lara's outfits using the XNALara posing program created by Dusan. You can post your mods in this thread:

XNALara Modding Thread V.2 (the older thread can be found here: XNALara Modding Thread)

XNALara is about more than just modding outfits, of course. By now (September 2010) it has grown into such a phenomenon, it has its own subforum here with a variety of XNALara-related threads. The original XNALara thread can be found here.

Modding Showcases:
Have you created a mod that you are particularly proud of? Do you like someone else's mod and want to show off your screenshots/video of it? Then you can post in the showcase threads. Please read the first post of each thread carefully before posting! And remember, these threads are for images only, not comments.

Legend Modding Showcase: The Real Beauty
Tomb Raider Anniversary Modding Showcase
TRU centerfold SHOWCASE

Are you new to modding? Or perhaps you want to find out how to create a particular effect? Or maybe you want to share a new method of modding or create a tutorial for others. Take a look at this thread:

Modding Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Downloading mods:
Do you want to download a particular mod you like? Then look in the relevant modding thread for links provided by the mod's creator. Remember to use the search function!

For older TRL & TRA mods, you can look though the vast collection hosted on Tomb Raider Hub. The TRU site is a work in progress, more mods will be added in time:


Additional Resources:
A number of fans have made various programs for that help players enjoy these game even more - for example, the SCUs (Startup Configuration Utility) and Fly Cheats. These can enable you to do a variety of things, including loading any level or any outfit (TRL & TRA) to enable a fly cheat (AoD) and all weapons, including twin pistols in AoD.

TRL SCU (the second link works)

TRL Fly Cheat
TRA Fly Cheat

ENB series (improves graphics for AoD, Legend, Anniversary & Underworld)
ENB series - new version

New - Classics Modding!
Some talented folk have come up with simple, user-friendly ways to mod the Classics as well - so far we have TR2 and TR3 modding threads. More may follow.

Classics Modding (TR1,TR2,TR3) Tutorial! (so far this includes a tutorial only for TR3)
TR2 Modding Thread...how to and showcase
TR3 Modding thread
How to Mod - A Guide for Beginners
Tutorial : Extracting, Editing and In-Game Files(TR Hub link)

If you think that other links should be added here, please PM me about them.

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