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Thumbs up Is there a way to merge episodes such as Back to Basics into a single folder?

Hi, I'm new to the forums and a big fan of the classic Tomb Raider games, specially the original trilogy. I recently revisited TRLE and TRCustoms sites which has so much content I missed and started downloading a bunch of content to enjoy.
I didn't know that there were challenges and series such as One Room Challenge, Create a Classic and Back to Basics.
The folders started piling up real quickly and I wonder if there's a way to move all .tr4 files into a main folder, such as Back to Basics 2013 housing all that year's episodes, and so on. Is there an index file that tells the .exe how many .tr4 files are inside the Data folder or something like that?
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Unfortunately, despite all the levels sharing the same assets, they each rely on their each individual "English.dat" and "SCRIPT.dat" file which assigns important aspects of each level and since its a compiled file rather than the "text file" that it originated from- there's no way to compile them- and I'm sure that even if you had access to the original "text" files, it would be extremely tedious to ensure that all the levels seamlessly would load into one another.

(In some cases if its the newer BtB's the Tomb_NextGeneration.dll and bass.dll files are also neccesary.)

I'm afraid playing them individually in their own folder is the best way to ensure each level plays properly.
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Do what I do......

You can save your favorite custom games on memory sticks.

Or a separate portable hard drive
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OK, thanks a lot!

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