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Default Modifying Lara's model in Tomb Raider 1 (METASEQUOIA)

Good afternoon, I would like to know if there is documentation or a discord talking about customizing models of old psx games (TR1, TR2...).

I extracted my model of Lara through TR Viewer and imported it into Metasequoia to try to improve the textures and try to make Lara a little more defined (without so many triangles...), but I have noticed that the vertices are not joined and that when moving a face it moves independently from the others, I would like to obtain more documentation about how to improve the design of the model to be able to reimplement it in TR Viewer and thus be able to extract the edited model with the animation that I want in 3ds to export it to Unreal Engine.

All the best!
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Welcome to the forums, redgears!

Originally Posted by redgears View Post
I have noticed that the vertices are not joined and that when moving a face it moves independently from the others,
I assume you exported as 3DS from TRViewer. Metasequoia contains duplicate faces upon import; you can use Object → Join Closed Vertices (you can leave the distance as 0). This should let you edit it more easily.

Keep in mind that the free version (MetasequoiaLE) might not let you export back to 3DS if you want to re-import it into the game; also to my knowledge TRViewer doesn't handle re-importing entire moveables as well, in the past I've used it to re-import specific meshes only. You could alternatively try Blender, which has 3DS support and also a TRViewer plugin but I've never used it for TR.

  1. https://metasequoia.fandom.com/wiki/...rsion_-_Not_LE)
  2. https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=211829
  3. https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=224370
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