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Default A glitch I found; feel free to post your own

Hi everyone, I found a fun glitch while playing Midas's Palace on the Ps3. Feel free to post your own finds here as well

In the room with the columns and spikes (where you'll find one of the lead bars) it's possible teleport from one column onto another. To do this, pull the lever that raises the columns and wait untill the beige column in front of you is a partly raised, then jump onto it. From there, jump or climb onto the pillar to the left of it, before the spears come out. If you stay there for a second (or if you try to jump towards the slope from there with the right timing) you will teleport to the beige column near the artifact on the other side of the room. I've managed to land on top of it once, but you can also hold the grab button and climb on. If you are quick enough you can use this glitch to get the artifact

And if you use the timed jump method, it's possible to glitch the spears out. They will appear at ground level, upside down, next to the column. If you raise the columns again, the spears will move back in place before disappearing with some sparks when the column is fully raised.
If I was you I would do the very same thing... 68th GROWLer!

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