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Tomb Editor
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Default TombEngine Public Beta Date announced

Hi guys

Here is the day you were waiting for. We are glad to announce that the first beta of TombEngine will be released on 30/04/2022

We are working fast for cleaning all the bug we find, but your contribute will be very important for reaching the final release state, which date needs to be still estimated.

You will be provided of everything you need for doing first tests. Of course, don't expect this being a final release, it's a beta and it will be for sure full of bugs. Many things will come later and documentation about scripting will be very little.

I would remember the key features of TombEngine:
  • Totally open source engine
  • New renderer written using DirectX 11 with new special effects: soft shadows, better particle system, better blend modes, normal mapping
  • New sound system using the Bass library
  • New collision system, allowing also shimmy and vaulting on diagonal blocks
  • New bridge system, allowing stacking multiple bridges and also better moves on them
  • LUA scripting
  • Volumes that can be placed in level for enabling specific LUA functions on enter, inside and exit
  • All objects from past TR games (with some limitations about the hardcoded behaviours)
  • Broken every limit, including flares limit, fire limits, particle limits, statics limits
  • New Lara moves and fixed exisiting ones, it was done a really hard work on this

I know that many of you are considering TEN a vaporware, but the engine is under active development since 4 years and you can understand from the key features how much hard work it's needed, from unpaid people in their free time.

We'll publish in the next days some images and videos about the current status of the engine.
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This is so exciting!
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Wolf 7
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Gonna be looking forward for that date :3
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Thank you to all who contributed and will contribute to this project

I'm excited!
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Uuuhhuuuuuuu im pretty excited for try this engine!!!!
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OMG I Cant Wait To Try It All Out
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Tomb Raider
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This is gonna be awesome. Big thanks to all the work going into this.
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Wow I am really excited for this, I can't wait to work with this new engine. TRNG is still awesome, we can still create really good stuff with it + plugins and has been here for 14 years (wow) but I think it is time to change stuff especially TRNG is quite unstable and buggy.

I wish that Paolone came back one day to provide source code or atleast fix the most popular bugs but it won't happen
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DJ Full
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Gonna build the next one in this. Nothing can be buggier than the xmas level...
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Let's goooooooo!
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