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Default Ledge Jump

Hello there!
Ive been trying to include Ledge Jumps to Lara's Moveset for a while now... However I have been facing multiple issues
1. I can't find any ledge animations which are can be opened in the WadTool (or
atleast i havent managed to open them because they were in the ".anim"
2. I haven't found any suitable script code, which could possibly make them
work out in the first place

I don't know if this is the right place to even ask this but are there suitable ressources for ledge jumps? (With ledge jumps I mean the ones where lara is turning around as shes hanging on to the ledge and then jumps off of it)
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This thread helped me! If you can't get the links to work just right-click and copy the link!
I don't know I just work here.
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