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Originally Posted by .snake. View Post
I finally listened to all 76 minutes of the Shadow soundtrack while at the gym last night. It is hands down the most awful, bland, boring, and deadbeat soundtrack of the entire series.

I do not remember it being this bad while playing the game, just uninspiring. But listening to it by itself is a really bad idea. I couldn't wait for it to end. I guess it's cool that it uses Mayan (?) instruments, but that's no excuse for something SO BORING.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Survivor trilogy, but I can admit that TR2013 has a good soundtrack, and Rise has a great soundtrack. But Shadow is by far not only the worst TR soundtrack, it is the worst video game soundtrack I have heard to date.

I mean using shadow soundtrack for the gym is not de best way to listen to it tbh...
this soundtrack fits perfectly the theme of the game so it works better whike playing the game is not one of those soundtrack you would listen randomly in spotify
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Originally Posted by .snake. View Post
Just bring back the classic theme.

The last 3 games without it were a huge a mistake.

LAU, for all its faults, at least still retained the theme.

If Lara's classic theme isn't present in the next game, it isn't unified Lara, regardless of how many shorts, braids, and holster straps she has.
Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
The classic theme definitely needs to return. Despite what was said round 2013, the reboot theme is clearly inspired by the classic one being only a few notes removed. It's one of the most recognisable pieces in gaming and I've missed it. I also like how the piece used to be remixed into the soundtrack.

For a time I thought they were going to being Nathan McCree back on board for the series going forward... but then he ruined it.
Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
I think we desperately need the classic theme to be back, In Shadow it almost felt like the reboot theme was trying to mesh and blend with the original, almost giving the impression that it was going to become the old theme but never quite hit the notes. The evolution and transition will be seamless after that. I doubt we won't hear the main theme again specially now that SE is out of the picture.
Originally Posted by Avalon SARL View Post
The main classic theme of TR should be brought back.

When you have something as classic and orchestrated, you do not go throw it into thin air like that.

James Bond, with each incarnation, his theme is always there.

Tomb Raider has amazing soundtracks, especially classics. The Reboot do not feel very distinguishable and they never resonated with me.
They are good as just some well composed piece of music, not more to me.

This is literally all I want. I'm fine with experimentation for the soundtrack, but that song instantly puts me in the mood for tomb raiding....BRING IT BACK!
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As long as it fits the theme of the game I am fine. If there is a fight I do not want classical music playing while an action packed fight is going on. The Survivor trilogy did good with the music imo. Only issue I had was with the tsunami there seemed to be little to no music playing when there should’ve been loud music playing there or something lol.
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As long as the music fits the themes and tone of the game, then that's all that matters. I'm personally not keen on anything too orchestral.
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