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Default What would a fully CGI Tomb Raider movie be like?

i.e. Toy Story or based on the FMV engine from any of the games?

I admit, after Toy Story, Bug's Life, Antz, and the general rise of computer generated animation, I was thinking in 1999 "Wouldn't it be cool to have a Tomb Raider movie like those?"

I'd play with action figures, picturing such adventures happening in a CGI Tomb Raider movie, and most of it was nonsense stuff, the kinds of things you'd expect from a kid. Having grown up I know a lot more about what goes into a story and stuff, and I remembered that "what if" question I had as a kid.

So I bring that question here 21 years later (I try not to think how I'm almost 30). What would it have been like? If one had been made in 2001 vs 2011 vs 2021. What would be the story? What would be the stakes? The villain? The prize? The settings? The puzzles? A continuation or consequence of a previous game? Or a standalone?

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It would be like CGI.
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I feel like if we got a CGI film it'd be more High adventure. Like you I also used to think about how a CGI film would pan out. I use to imagine it'd be Egyptian based with mummies and tombs and traps and that Lara would be a daredevil with quick witt and sophistication. The look of the film would largely be similar in my mind to the old Lucozade adverts with her in them.
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I think that a CGI movie doesn't make sense in TR or other video game movies. We can already watch those CGI movies in the video game cutscenes ... so, a movie should offer things you have never seen.

A real action movie allows you to see what that game would be like in reality. It's more exciting.
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I'd love an AOD FMV-style CGI movie.
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Welcome to TRF where ppl get offended because you dont like their favourite game
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