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Default Angel Of Darkness > Legend

Replayed Legend recently on both psp And ps3 but had to quit because the game is so bad and it looks ugly apart from A few nice textures (mainly rocky walls and floors and some ruins) and water effects. The psp version is still impressive today on a small screen but damn the ps3 version is so bad with all the pixellated shadows.

AoD on the other hand might lack the polygon count of Legend both for characters and environments which are still pretty blocky. And yet it looks much better and cleaner too me. I can appreciate details on her t-shirt and her pretty face while in legend everything is so blurry and messy with lots of aliasing and frame rate issues.

Also the control on AoD while still a downgrade from Chronicles Are still much more precise with better animations. Legend is all over the place. And don't forget the level design. AOD is a classic core game, yes the pace sometimes is too slow with too many deaths and trial and error moments but progressing is so satisfying.

So all in all I'm enjoying AoD again, yes it's a bit slow and frustrating at times but it's so polished even if unfinished. What do you think? Do you think Legend really improved things that much?
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Comparing Legend on PS2 and AOD on PS2 (which were both developped for this console if I'm not mistaking) Legend wins. It's much more impressive for the big areas, short loading times, it looks beautiful. Lara is easier to pay with.

They're both very different game and I don't think one tops another for that reason, but Legend nailed things AOD failed. And I couldn't agree less about the quality difference between the two titles.
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Excuse me big areas in legend? Such? The game is a few corridors with ugly low res backgrounds. It has less loading times that's true but it's not a snappy game either. But yes Legend has more details like lots of tiles, leaves, and objects all around but fact is I think they're mostly ugly and the frame rate is a pain whereas aod is so smooth. I wish aod would get an HD remaster to clean the resolution and a few bugs, loading times and stuff like that but overall I think it's a very solid game. Once you learn how to jump and walk carefully it's very smooth much more than Legend where she trips and falls constantly due to poor Control input.

Anyway I only played legend on psp and ps3 so I can't compare the ps2 version but even like this I thunk aod looks better.
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Angel Of Darkness > Legend
In an alternate universe maybe.
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Legend had large open spaces, mainly in a vertical way if I'm remembering correctly. Ghana comes to mind. Although, you couldn't exactly venture outside the main path.

I definitely prefer the visual style of AOD. It does have a clean, solid feel, and I have always loved the way Core used lighting in their games. I also prefer the slower, more deliberate gameplay. It made me feel more connected to the space I was in, rather than just flopping around quickly.

The two games are so different though, I wouldn't definitively say it's an improvement or a downgrade.
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AoD maybe could be better if finished in time, but this hasn't happend. The enviroment of AoD is very nice, sometimes better than Legend i agree, but graphics is not everything, the game is bug as hell, what you consider "smooth" i only consider slow and boring.
In Legend we have secrets while AoD don't, so you don't have to explore the level to find something extra, what is a downgrade in a Tomb Raider perspective.
The main problem in Legend for me is that is too short, it could have 2 more locations before Nepal to add more gameplay.

I like AoD, but there's no way to be better than Legend.
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On a technical level, Legend has the more impressive graphics but in terms of art direction, lighting, etc. I much prefer AoD. Legend just looks more generic and boring in comparison.
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No way in hell .

In terms of looks , next-gen Legend is kinda weird-looking but you have to compare PS2 Legend to AOD only then it's kinda fair .

Honestly , Legend is miles more beautiful than AOD with its diversity of locations compared to AOD's rotten ghettos , sewers , lowlife apartments and warehouses . And Legend Lara is so dynamic , fluid and responsive she's a joy to play with whereas AOD Lara is a pain in the ass with her abhorrent slowass unbearably heavy animations .

And since you brought up level design , it's obviously true that Legend is straight-forward , short and incredibly easy , but in all honesty ? it's not like AOD blows it out of the water in that regard . The "challenge" in AOD for me stemmed from the huge effort to gather the willpower required to put up with the severe lack of polish , Lara's sloppy controls and animations and the flood of bugs that plagued the game . Aside from those issues the game isn't challenging at all in terms of puzzles and level design , to me at least . It was clear that Core was trying to pander to a wider demographic , the same people who complained that games like , say , TR4 were too hard for them .

All in all , Legend is a fabulous little game with tons of fun and replayability , whereas AOD is so anti-fun it makes staring at a wall much more welcoming than enduring the nightmare of going through it one more time (although I absolutely loved Lara and the story but a great story and protagonist aren't enough if the actual game is a trainwreck) .
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AOD is the best game out of the entire series. So I agree.
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As AOD has terrible controls, contains bugs that shouldn't be present in a released game (for instance, in Sanitarium) and is overall unfinished, I perceive it as the worst game in the entire series (even worse than LAU trilogy and the reboot).
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