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Default The game doesn't start, but appears on Task Manager

I've been trying to play TR 2, 3, 4 and 5 on Windows 7, but doesn't start none of them. Strangely, tomb2.exe appears opened on Task Manager.

By the way, I'm playing with the GOG versions. I tried to play with the original disc, but the same thing happens.

I tried almost everything:

I opened the game with Administrator Rights.
I tried to change the installation path.
I tried to change the compatibility options.
I tried using Peixoto or Arsunt patches, even the multiple TR patch.
I tried changing the exe's name, it works but it crashes at some time.

I think the problem is related with my User account, but I don't want to create a new one. It would be annoying to change accounts all the time.

The second time I open any of these games, the works normally, but I have the same program opened up on Task Manager twice.

I've been experiencing the same problem with Psychonauts.

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What you describe sounds familiar. I believe it to be the issue outlined in this thread. A fix is provided by Ceamonks890 (post 7).
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It's working great now. Thank you so much.
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