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Default About TR2Prj

Hey there, is there a way to fix the textures from tr1-5 since there are some that don't have textures and some are mixed into other textures that doesn't belong there. I know that TR2prj does some problems with the textures for all the maps.
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TR2Prj is like playing a Russian Roulette if you are attempting to extract anything from a Tomb Raider game before Revelation. You'd have to load the TGA that it has produced and replace each and every texture with the original ones that you can download or extract from the level files themselves, in the same places you see them on the TGA file, though due to how they are set out, animation ranges won't work how you want them to.

Even then if you plan on building on the extracted files PRJ, 9/10 times you will encounter constant crashes, bugs and many errors, which is why when people are perhaps remaking a level from one of the games, they prefer to build it from the ground up on the editor to avoid all of problems.

If you just want the original textures though, why not give TBuilder from TR Search a go? You can load a level file from a CD's data folder in the C: drive of your computer, which will extract and showcase them all from the level you choose, then you can organise and save them as a TGA file for use in the editor.

If you don't want to do that, you could always head over to Aspidetr's Textures page and download a set from any of the listed games on there.
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Tbh I rather fixing TR2PRJ messy prj's than making one from scratch. Yes, it does take a while and patience, but at lesat you don't have to keep comparing how it looks like in the original to make sure the room geometry is the same etc etc

After fixing the levels I've never had crashes or anything tho
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I always found TR2PRJ would extract TR1-3 textures in the correct order, but not TR4 or TRC textures. That's when you get the muddling up.

Projects ripped by TR2PRJ come out incredibly buggy in otherways. There was a PRJFix that was made which fixes most of those issues but it introduces a few other problems of its own (IE it would break flipmaps).
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Try this
Tr4 only. You can combine both.

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