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Default Prefered order of tackling the DLC?

Just curious on what your preferred order of the DLCs are.

For me given how many of them there are I decided to split the game into two parts. Part 1 takes place in the beginning to San Juan. Part 2 is when Lara returns to Paititi and Etiz tells Lara to take her time to prepare.

Part 1


Main story, all available tombs, crypts, and side missions


Main story + The tomb in the Cenote

San Juan

Main Story, Tombs, and Crypts

Part 2


Remaining Crypts + DLC Mission


All the main tombs, crypts, side missions, and DLC Missions

San Juan

DLC Mission

I decided to save all the DLC until after Lara returns to Paititi because that's when Etiz tells her to take her time to prepare and makes sense story wise imo. This is when I think Lara travels back to Kawaq and San Juan to do anything she feels she had to and when she does all the DLC and tomb exploring in Paititi as she has to prepare and perhaps there is something in the tombs she thinks she needs.

What is your preferred order of tackling the game?
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I don't have a certain order. I do them if they're available in my current location at the time and bang out the rest in no particular order post game.
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As soon as they unlock
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