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Default Lara's limitations - helpful charts

Before making my level I decided to make a test room, testing Lara's jumping abilities - how far could I push her..
And also how far she could fall without dying or losing too much health.

Sorry if something like this already exists - but I thought this might be helpful for any newbies out there who might be interested in Level Editing.
Most will know these already perhaps, but here goes.

How far can Lara jump?

While standing still, Lara can perform a standing jump in any direction.
Using this move, she can easily clear a 1 square wide gap..

A gap of 2 squares wide can either be jumped over using a running jump, or Lara can reach the other side using her standing jump -
she does however need to grab the edge in order to make it across.

A gap of 3 squares is normally the maximum in which Lara can reach.
In order to make the leap, Lara needs to perform a running jump, then hold the Action button in order to grab the edge.

How high can Lara jump?

The highest ledge Lara can reach from the floor, is 7 clicks high.

The highest Lara can reach when performing a standing jump however, is only 6 clicks high. She'll only just grab the edge in this way.

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Based on the post above by dcw123, I compiled a concise summary with some good-looking images.

Lara's limitations: summary

Lara can clear a gap...

...two squares wide, with a standing jump:

...three squares wide, with a running jump:

Remark: in both cases, the destination ledge can be one click above the ledge she is jumping from.

Lara can reach an edge...

...seven clicks above her, with a straight up jump:

...six clicks above her, with a standing jump:

...six clicks above her, with a running jump, if the edge is after the first square:

...five clicks above her, with a running jump, if the edge is after the second square:

Lara will run out of air after swimming 87.5 squares:

Note: if she swims in a non-straight line that figure will be reduced.

Lara can sprint before getting tired ten squares:

After running off a ledge, Lara can cover...

...one square, if she was at the edge:

...one and a half square, if she was away from the edge:

...almost three squares, if she was sprinting:

Lara will die after falling...

...21 clicks, if she hanged off the edge:

...18 clicks, if she ran off the edge:

...17 clicks, if she jumped off the edge:

Lara can aim at an enemy away from her eight squares:

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