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Comics week Christmas edition.
Not too different in content than normal, well there is “one Dark Knight”, but that’s not really something that is Christmas themed.
Still, I consider it a little Christmas gift.

Batman One Dark Knight
Wow, im already in love with this one.
The Art is super nice, the writing on point and the idea itself interesting as hell.
The writing really kept me on the edge, every page I felt the desperation of Batman as he gave chase.
The Issue really did a good job in terms of the pacing, building towards the climax that starts the story really.
Really really good Issue and im super excited to see how this unfolds.

Catwoman Lonely City
Its still a neat story, but kind of goofy, which I don’t know…doesn’t fit the premise.
For what the foundation of the story is, I don’t feel the impact too much.
Maybe I see it more bleak then it is supposed to be, I don’t know.


Gosh, what a cool idea in terms of visuals.
Not something I want always or used much more often, but it’s a cool concept to create a few neat, very fluid scenes.
I like my action shots and camera angles, but this one panel storytelling is a neat gimmick.
The issue itself was nothing too special but it doesn’t need to be.
It was a feelgood issue based around a gimmick…and that is fine.
With the writing, art style and the gimmick you have a simply enjoyable Nightwing issue.
It’s a great idea to give the people a issue to take a breath before going into a bigger arc again.

Nubia & The Amazons

I continue to enjoy this one very much.
Everything that gives me more on the Amazons and the world building around them…im a fan.
And I really really like Nubia.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
Do yourself a favor and get these issues right now.
Absolutely fantastic all around.
Kings writing, a incredible good art style…Supergirl at its best, showing what you can do with the character.

Wonder Woman: Evolution

The First issue I wasn’t too sure about if I should keep going.
It was nice and all, but not something to keep paying Money for further.
Ive gone into issue 2 with “meh” because Mister 0815 soldier Steve Trevor was on the cover and I expected the usual with the character.
But im glad I read it because it was a good issue that does a great job in turning my opinion on it around.
Im quite curious how this turns out and the art style also won me over here.

So yeah, a nice Comic week which I could consider a early Christmas present.
Next week then the last week of comics in 2021, with a full schedule pretty much.
Excited for that.

With that, since I don’t know how much I will be around the next few days…I wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or if you don’t celebrate, a great weekend.
Stay safe, make the most of it, be around people you love and enjoy it…we certainly all deserve it after this tough year.
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Final Comics Week of the year…and boy what a year it was.
I don’t want to count but I could see it being my most expensive Comic year ever.
So many good stuff to Read, I have lost track of it completely.

I don’t do Rankings but I know definitely Nightwing, Robin, Flash would take the top spots.
Especially Flash which i began late the year, was rising super fast in my ranks.
But in general I felt the year was very strong.
Anyway…onto the Last comic week of 2021.

Action Comics

I changed my mind and decided to give this arc a chance because its been a while since we had a Mongul story.
And it was the right choice possibly.
Because this issue gave the story a different approach as I expected.
As much as I like Clark punching heavy stuff etc, I love when storys force him to rely on his Humanity and not his Kryptonian side.
When it tackles his moral, his integrity, the things he learn from his parents, his friends…that what makes him so very human.
And the issue seems to indicate we get that, which is very nice if they do.
It has risen my interest in Action comics, the first few issues of this arc werent really good imo and thats why i wanted to drop it, but this issue made me interested in the arc again.

Aquaman/Green Arrow

Was a weird issue but I like the series, the team up is fun and has a lot of potential.
And more Oliver is always good.
It feels so comicy to have those two team up and all, feels very nice.

Detective Comics

Good issue to build towards something.
I really like that they now bring in Chase Meridian as potential ally and what they work towards with her character.
Not liking this idea of Bruce leaving Gotham and all…but I will give them the chance to convince me.

To me Bruce and Gotham are such an important part of each other.
I always have problems with the idea that he would “abandon” Gotham.
To me, The waynes are such a vital part of the city and its people…that’s why im not a huge fan of stories that make the Waynes look shady.
I love the idea of the Waynes being this 1 in a million kind of People.
Rich and Powerful, but good hearted as they come.
That when Thomas and Martha died, the reason the city “fell” so to speak, is because the city took the brightest family away from them, the one family that stood for hope and the good in a city that was crumbling more and more.
Its why I love when stories focus on Bruce as a Wayne who cares, who does everything in his power as a Wayne, to make the city better, to help the people.
So that’s why im alwas worried about stories that have bruce leave gotham.

Harley Quinn

Are you kidding me DC…honestly?
Are you freaking kidding me?
What kind of Beef do you have against Harley/Ivy? Why do you hate it so much?
Is it because its two women or what? I don’t get it?
What do they have against this specific pairing?
As a Wonderbat shipper im kind of happy that they at least throw a Hard NO at Wonderbat instead of doing what they do over and over with ivy and Harley, dangling it in front of peoples faces…just to snatch it away.
Awful mean move from DC.
Not happy at all with this, super dissapointed.


Not as strong of a issue as previous ones, but still very nice.
I do trust the team that they could do more, but im also worried that they lose purpose of the story.
While the strength of this series is how well Damian and every other character works, I feel like if you move away from Damian dealing with Alfreds death, the series could lose a vital aspect of it and turn into something empty.
For now im super excited for sure, but the little worry is still there that the Series might lose the incredible momentum it has.
It is one of the top 3 series this year, so it would be sad to see it drop from there while at the same time they spread it out more in terms of locations etc.
But we will see, for now im still very happy with it.

The Flash

The Flash comics tickle the child in me.
I don’t have a problem reading Digital and all, I can make myself comfortable well enough…but when I read the Flash comics, I have this urge to have real paper in my hands and flip the pages.
Cant put my finger onto why, I just do.
It constantly manages to make me feel like a child in a good way.
Its hard to explain, maybe because how lighthearted it feels that you only really can do with a character like The Flash and specificly Wally.

There were a few other issues out but I dropped some of them.
Justice league for now, I decided to drop it because I just cant handle bendis writing at the moment.
Teen Titans Academy really hasnt captured my interest recently.
DC vs Vampires I resisted despite the really awesome cover…the previous issues weren’t to my liking so I don’t bother…maybe I will look into it later.

So yeah, a good week to finish the year…a bit anticlimactic but the year was strong enough imo.

The only thing left is to wish everyone a happy new year if im not around tomorrow, and hope that 2022 will bring us all fantastic Comics and stuff.
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New Year, new Comics.
Hello everyone to the Comic year 2022.

The year started quite well for me, two very good Batman comic issues dominate this week.

Lets start


Cover wise, the Variant cover of Francesco Mattina is sick as hell, but I prefer the “Normal” cover with Abyss in it.
I had to chuckle at the idea that Batman runs through the police station with the cart looking around the corners etc, the cape flowing while he hurries around. XD
Lex looking a bit like Mark Strong is weird, I cant get over this Damn Sexy luthor. XD
Loved the panels in the dark, gave it all a very neat feel to it.
In general I like the art, especially the design of Abyss.
But also I love that the Batsuit has depth and texture.
The Gloves are armored etc, I like that.
Im not the biggest fan of the Spandex look, so every armored piece of a Batman suit, is my favorite.
The art is really incredible good.
The Arc in general is far more interesting than I expected, im very interested in it.

Detective Comics

They really told Bermejo just to draw a few Batman pictures as Variant cover right?
Because they have nothing to do with the story and im not a fan of covers that have little to nothing to do with the Story they are available for.
But its Lee Bermejo, so I take every piece of art of him for sure.
Still, I like the Normal cover the most.

And the story, boy I already want a batman game taking place in the Arkham Tower.
The idea is so cool, I never knew I wanted it until this Arc.
It’s a super neat idea to have a Gigantic Tower in the middle of Gotham being Arkham.
One of my favorite parts in Origins is when you have to make your way up the hotel, so this is such a cool idea to me.
Didn’t expect the change of pace, but I welcome it.
Incredible excited for the Arc focusing on the Batfamily and the dynamic that you have two groups, with one already being in the locked down tower and the other part of the family trying to get inside.
Add to that the fact that we could see the storytelling switch around a bit with the timeline, which gives it a neat buildup.
Im really excited for this Arc and how this goes, there is a lot of cool stuff in the making here.

Justice league Infinity

The Arc ends…that’s about it.
Nothing more to say really, its our beloved Animated Justice League doing their thing…what more can one ask for?
Oh yeah, how about some Wonderbat stuff…wuhu, please more of that.
Really enjoy this series, its so simple but fun because its our Animated characters who have new adventures.

Suicide Squad

I still like this book because its such a chaotic fun ride with so many characters showing up.
You never know what to expect, who is trying to backstab who, who has some agenda etc.
I have a lot of fun with it due to that.

Superman Son of Kal El

Nothing too spectacular here, but also nothing that really is bad.
The Art is a bit weird i get the feeling, cant put my finger onto the why.
But there definitely was something wrong with Damian, he shouldn’t look this tall right?
I mean how old is he currently? 13? He easily looks like he is 16 here.
Other than that, yeah it was fine but nothing too exciting.

A good first week, fantastic even I would say if one is a pure batman reader.
You get two fantastic issues in the very first week of 2022.
So it was a good start.
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Originally Posted by Raider969 View Post
Today is the 20th anniversary of the Justice League cartoon. The show's first three episodes aired on November 17th, 2001. What did you like most about the series and what is your favorite episode of the series? This includes both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited too.

Well, Justice League + Justice League Unlimited is my third favorite superhero cartoon just behind Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series. What I liked most about this series is the dynamic between the characters and the stories in each episode were good. I also liked how during the first season of Justice League, Bruce Timm and the others listened to fans of the show, when some of them didn't like how Superman looked with those lines on his face and how weak he was, and improved the show during season two by adding the great late Dwayne McDuffie as a writer that season and Justice League Unlimited. Because of that, lots of fans thought season two of Justice League was better than season one. I liked all seasons of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and thought each season was good in their own ways.

My favorite episode of Justice League + Justice League Unlimited is Epilouge, where the episode serves as a finale to Batman Beyond. I know some fans didn't like this episode that much but I liked it a lot, which is why it is my favorite episode of Justice League + Justice League Unlimited.
When I was young, they didn't air the Justice League Cartoon. There was Batman: The animated series, and Batman Beyond. There wasn't any Justice League aired on television where I live. Not even on Cartoon Network, which aired mostly Johnny Bravo, and Ed, Edd & Eddy. I haven't seen them. What do you like about the Justice League Cartoon that has made you celebrate, and remember the 20th Anniversary?
Flames would not be eternal if they could dissolve.
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New comics week number 2 of 2022


Still liking this one, it just feels really nice reading it.
A lot has to do because I just love it when the Batgirls team up, their dynamic is so great.

Batman Urban Legends

More of the usual on that, a few different stories but you mostly read it for 1-2…its always a question if its worth the price.
The current selling point of this series is I think the Ace story, I already want everyone dead who hurt our Bathound.
He is such a good boy, don’t be mean to him…batman, kick their asses hard. XD

Detective Comics

Kind of a weird issue because it feels more like some Backup of the actual issue.
You get more insight into the characters and Arkham Tower.
Kind of sad that they seemingly dropped the Mr Freeze/Nora Freeze angle we had before, with Nora being awake while Victor is “asleep”.
Instead we get him as just some plot device to make us more suspicious on whats going on.
Seems we get quite a few of those types, since it’s a what? 12 issue arc.
Anyway, despite being more of a “filler” issue in my opinion, still a nice one.

Justice League vs the Legion of Superheroes

Hm, hard to say yet but I do kind of enjoyed that one.
Will need to give this at least 2-3 issues to see if I stay with it, what I like and what not.
A first issue is always a bit hard to judge…especially this for some reason.
I did like the first issue, but its not a sure buy.
So I will need to let this work for another issue at least.

Robin & Batman

Felt a bit rushed or is this just me?
Something about the writing and all, felt like they had to move way faster.
Its why im not feeling this issue as much as the other two.
Still a really enjoyable read.

The Joker

A new year and again I keep constantly wondering how this can work as much as it does.
A Joker Series shouldn’t work, even if you focus mostly on Gordon…but it just does.
And we enter a new scenario I really like here.
Joker having to face possibly even more deranged people than him, it’s a scenario im always curious about.
Because how do you make the Joker outcrazy crazy people?
How does he trick people who are completely gone?
That’s a interesting concept, so im curious how they work with that.
Also, it has to be said that the covers of this series are incredible.
Every new issue has a super cool cover, a reason to definitly get those issues in physical form.

Yeah, a good but forgettable week.
No issue here is a all time classic, but also not something you bite a pillow for because you felt like you wasted money.
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Here we go again, another comics week in 2022

Batman: The Knight

Damn, I miss how Greg Capullo draws Bruce, but the normal cover is super cool too.
It’s a story about how Bruce began his journey to becoming Batman.
I like such stories because of their nature, because they tell how this rage filled, broken boy uses this to make himself into more than he Is, how his dedication pushes him forward.
Being Bruce wayne is as important as being Batman, a good bruce wayne story is a good batman story.
And the first issue has me hooked.
So far that is a good start, especially the Alfred parts.
Because I always see Alfred as an Anchor point that makes sure that Bruce especially in his early years, doesn’t lose sight of things.
Who reminds him that his Parents were more than the fuel to his Rage.

Detective Comics

Bermejos Cover is fire, but I cant help it…the current main cover style works so well for the arc.
Another “world building” issue, which I have no problem with in this arc.
I love how we get to see inside of the Tower and see how it was before the chaos.
It gives you a good feeling of dread and worry because of how calm everything looks while at the same time you can tell suspicious stuff goes on.
Really like the storytelling of this arc so far.


Boo to Bruno for having a Nightwing butt shot but not doing Nightwings butt justice.
Jamal Campbells Variant cover on the other hand is just lovely.
I really love how much DC pushes Dick/Barbara…if only those bastards would have done the same with Ivy/Harley.
Wow, I loved the issue so much.
I don’t even Know where the begin with that.
It was such a joy seeing all those characters, their interaction and then the sudden change of tone at the end of the chapter which brings us back to the Heartless arc.
This Series continues to take the top spot with its writing and the fantastic art.
It is a must read for everyone.
If you know someone who isn’t a fan of Nightwing, get them this series and they will turn into a fan.

Nubia and the Amazons

A underrated series I have a lot of fun with.
Nicely written and drawn with characters i feel are easily to like and be invested in.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow
I will really miss this series when its over, because its such a good one.
Will definitely become a must read for anybody who wants to get into the character in the future.
I find myself with every issue in this “lean forward” kind of mood where I push my face closer to the screen because I get so into the issue.

On that I have to praise Infinite frontier in general, I find myself often do stuff I did back in the day as kid when i got my hands on paperbacks or so.
Sitting cross legged on the floor, giggling loud, screaming at the screen for a character to do something etc.
Not just since infinite frontier to be honest, rebirth too got that reaction out of me.
DC comics does a lot right in my opinion for a while now, you can feel in the comics that the people working on the comics have fun too…and isn’t that what its all about?

Superman Son of Kal-El

The Cover got a lot hate from the usual people, but I didn’t found it that bad.
But that’s the general thing, Ive been watching a lot of older tv shows, read older comics and its crazy how “on your nose” those are when it comes to “woke” stuff.
So im really at the point where im mostly deaf on the whole “Buhu woke” nonsense.
You had comics back in the day be glorified PSAs and nobody cared, hell many characters exist only because they were a political statement or so.
Anway, that’s a topic for another time.
Onto the issue…it was fine.
Nothing really heavy or newsworthy, it was a good issue that pushes plot forward.

Wonder Woman

Oh I like that arc so far…its neat.
Its why I don’t see why we need Mister one dimensional Steve Trevor in this.
The man adds nothing to anything…ever.
What a utterly pointless, generic dude.
Every WW story is better when he isn’t in there.
At least do something interesting with the character, give him some depth…anything.

Wonder Woman Evolution

I really would like to see the sales numbers on this, because I feel like im the only one reading it.
But the series deserves more readers, its really neat.
I like the idea of the arc.
The writing is a bit weird at times and the pacing throws me off, but I do like it.

Good week.
Oh and I don’t know how you keep track of your comics, your weekly haul and all that…but I found a website called leagueofcomicgeeks and that site really helps me keep track of my collection and my pull list.
Its also why I talk more about the covers of the books, they have a very good built site that shows you all the variant covers and stuff.
I really can recommend it.
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Comics Week it is.

Action Comics

Really glad I gave it another shot, because the arc really starts to caught my interest in its approach.
Not just on how Clark will handle his situation, no im really interested in many of the characters and what they will do.
It’s a really nice concept and makes a storyline I thought would be simpler and smaller, far bigger.
And that is really neat.
Also the covers of this are really nice, especially the Riccardo Ferderici one, that fits well into the storys vibe.

Aquaman/Green Arrow

Still such a dumb fun old school feeling series, and this issue specificly.
It makes you want to go back to the 80s or 90s and read this kind of goofy storylines.
Really entertaining read.

Detective Comics

Nothing too special I thought despite it being its landmark 1050 issue.
This focused more on Helena, which is fine but Im still not fully invested into her whole thing.
But still, the story interest me…especially now with who showed up at the end.
Also that its at the moment more a Batfamily story than anything else, is a huge plus to me.
Cover wise, since it’s a landmark issue…there are tons available and I couldn’t choose which I like the most.

Harley Quinn

I was really close of cancelling it because the sheer idea of picking it up after the Ivy/Harley disaster annoyed me.
But I gave it a chance and what can I say…I just love the art style and writing.
And more and more do I think that this was just another vile DC decision for the sake of it and not anything the writer or artist wanted to do.
Its shameful and disgusting, but that’s on DC.
Why even baiting fans for this long when only an issue later you decided to break it up again?
Why put all the work into building towards it in the first place?

Anyway, lets focus on the here and now…and Harley Quinn keeps interesting me, its such a lovely series, its over the top style in everything really works well.

Justice League

Lets make it short…I don’t care.
Bendis has killed my interest by now in this so much that I don’t care what happens.
Its why im not at all bothered by the alleged “Death of the Justice League” thing that will come.
First because death means very little in general in DC(which im fine with, i dont want certain characters to be killed off forever, look at how much i miss Alfred), but also because im at the point where the justice league feels so boring to me thanks to Bendis.
So let it die, let some young new characters I don’t care about run it…I have no interest.
You gave Bendis another book to ruin, pat yourself on the back DC.
I love the team and the dynamics, but Bendis is Bendis and manages to spread his snot all over the good.


I gave it a shot because of Gunns Peacemaker…and that might be a mistake.
This is so different and serious from Gunns who I at this point have come to accept as the only way to do the character.
This is so different in tone and characterization that it really shocked me at first.
But it also has me interested in where this goes.
I think the general interest for me in Peacemaker comes from the Peacemaker show, so that’s a good thing.
So I will keep reading this for at least 2-3 issues to see if it can hold my interest.
But its interesting how fast perception and interest in a character can be generated, shows you how effective comic book characters are.
Peacemaker can go from a D list character, easily to A or B list with the show.
Its a neat idea to watch the show and read the comic, having two versions of the same character doing different things etc.


Why was I worried again? This was a fantastic issue and I love that this keeps the family theme it seems.
Its always nice to see more of the Al Ghul family…but it brings up a problem I currently have, and Superman/Robin did too on that.
The fact that Bruce seemingly neglects Damian…I hate this idea of Bruce ignoring one of his Children, leaving them to themself etc.
Don’t care for the reason, so he is lost because he doesn’t know if he is the right person for Gotham…big deal, don’t ignore your god damn kids.
But I digress for now.
After the last issue, this one is again stronger and hooks me onto the whole Al Ghul family arc.

Superman & Robin Special

Gave this one a chance because I hoped the magic is back, but it isn’t.
This is so far away from the quality Supersons had.
The dynamic is gone, the writing made both sound so very dumb…I didn’t like it at all.
But what I hated the most, maybe that is my main problem that transfers over to the whole issue…it was when both talked about how they missed talking to their dads.
And it made me furious because Jons father is on a super important mission…while Damians is ****ing brooding somewhere outside of Gotham because of a rather childish idea.
Damian hurts since Kings run ended, but barely anybody cares to have his father around to help deal with that or so.
My most hated trope is that Bruce keeps the family at arms length, having them deal with each other more than with Bruce.
My favorite Bruce as I always say, is the Bruce that really cares…the man that would move heaven and earth for his family…for strangers.
But yet we keep the one who is distant and used as a tool for how not to be, not to do things.
Its why I loved the issue so much where Tim came out to Bruce, where Bruce told him that Tim doesn’t need to gift him anything because he has Tim as Son.
Rare instances where we get a Bruce wayne I love so damn much.

But again I digress, it was just a little line here in this comic…but affected me so much.
Anyway, didn’t like it at all…I miss supersons, I miss child jon…I miss jon and Damian…this grown up jon and damian just doesn’t work.

The Flash

You can pretty much use my opinion on the last issue for this I think.
Its such a comicy series that keeps hitting the right buttons to get the kid in me out.
Really fun read.

All in all a good week, despite it hitting one of my absolute “no go” batman tropes, despite Harley Quinn still making me angry.
I thought about picking up Wonder Girl, but they end the run soon and therefore I don’t know if I should bother.
I dont want to get invested further and rather do a clean cut now before i miss yara too much.
Such a god damn shame about it.
From being considered a possible new superstar character with plans for her own live action show and all, to losing steam so very fast...god damn it now im getting emotional.
She looked so cool and her whole character was a interesting idea.
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Originally Posted by Mani_Man View Post
Harley Quinn

I was really close of cancelling it because the sheer idea of picking it up after the Ivy/Harley disaster annoyed me.
Remind me what the Harley/Ivy disaster in the comics was, specifically? I vaguely recall some of the animated series' audience were ticked that Ivy/Harley weren't a lesbian couple, or is this something else?
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Originally Posted by Pelagius View Post
Remind me what the Harley/Ivy disaster in the comics was, specifically? I vaguely recall some of the animated series' audience were ticked that Ivy/Harley weren't a lesbian couple, or is this something else?
Well, Harley/Ivy is a popular ship for years now in DC in general.
It has become one of the most popular ones in the whole DC fandom and DC uses this to generate sales etc without commitment to it for a long time.

They teased it constantly, but never really going through with it.
That goes for years now, always baiting fans but when its time to pull the trigger, they sweep the rug from beneath the fans.

Now for a while there was this story going where Harley wants to redeem herself and DC has constantly made this connection with Ivy who was gone for a while.
Then came a big Batman Arc that had them finally reunite and all, seemingly finally let them be a couple...just for them to decide to just break them up in a incredible weak written issue, a week later.

Its not the Animated Series that started this, this is going for 20 or so years now with DC constantly baiting fans just to show them the middle finger.
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Originally Posted by jeffrey van oort View Post
When I was young, they didn't air the Justice League Cartoon. There was Batman: The animated series, and Batman Beyond. There wasn't any Justice League aired on television where I live. Not even on Cartoon Network, which aired mostly Johnny Bravo, and Ed, Edd & Eddy. I haven't seen them. What do you like about the Justice League Cartoon that has made you celebrate, and remember the 20th Anniversary?
JL+JLU had their moments, especially during the Cadmus subplot, but the interesting meditation on governmental power was kinda dodged with a punch-fest ending after Lex & Brainiac merged.

I guess I'm remembering it because it makes me feel old.

Originally Posted by Mani_Man View Post
Its not the Animated Series that started this, this is going for 20 or so years now with DC constantly baiting fans just to show them the middle finger.
I imagine that must be rather vexing.
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