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Earnest Evans
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Default Early PSX TR:TLR builds on (EU) PSN Store


A few days ago I got covid and to spend my quarantine I downloaded some PSONE Classics on my PS3.

I started playing TR:TLR, and noticed something extremely irksome right away: when you die, you are forced to the title screen (loading time), and then from there you can reload your save (another loading time).

This is annoying, and it didn't take long to discover that the version on the US PSN Store is in fact the earliest build of at least three known revs. of the game on PlayStation. See: at this link.

So I got some questions for experts (which I imagine this forum has plenty of):

-How do you distinguish a PS1 build, from the exterior? If one would buy an original on ebay, for example... Is there a release (PLatinum? Greatest Hits?) that is sure to come with a later revision? For a list of serial codes and releases, see: here and here.

-Has anyone here downloaded TR:TLR from the European PSN Store? (It's still available there for a measly €5.99), and can confirm the build? Yes I know the EU version is likely stuck at 50hz but loading once at game over would really help things.

Other easy ways to spot a difference: early build allows for 5 saves on memory card, later one allows 7...

Thanks to all. :-)

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Can't answer about physical copies but I looked at the PSN version as I have it (EU version)

1. An empty memory card allows for 7 saves on this version

2. A Load Game prompt appears upon death if a save exists on the memory card

Couldn't check for other differences as I only have a save at the end of the game. Hope this helps
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Earnest Evans
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It helps a lot! It means there are two different build of the game available on PSN. The US store has the early One, the EU has one with amendments! Thanks!
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It might be able to distinguish PS1 builds. I know my copy is the 2nd version of the 3 builds but I don't have it to hand right now.

I do have Tomb Raider II to hand right now, it's the platinum series version. Comparing to a picture of the normal release on Google images, the game ID is the same (SLES-00718), but the other number on my platinum version packaging (1005524) is different to the normal release on Google images (1014144).

But then... my copy of Tomb Raider, which is the value series version, with yellow packaging and the disc is printed white with the Tomb Raider logo, rather than green with a picture of Lara. The number is the same as the one I found on Google (1011587).
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