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Default TR Revelation - Keyboard lag

@mods: not sure if placed best here or under tech support, feel free to move if necessary.

Hi all,

Biiiig time TR fan here, since the very first one, and have played them all more than once since how could I not.

I have been replaying the first games (again) with my 10 year old daughter this time and she loves it haha, how about that.
Played TR I, II and III without any issues. Wanted to start Revelation this weekend, but had a problem.

We are playing these on a G4 PowerBook that supports Classic OS and runs OS 9.2 (if I am not mistaken).
With TR Revelation I am experiencing some sort of keyboard lag. When navigating the menu for example I have to press an arrow 2 or 3 times before it moves to the next item, but sometimes it does it on the first press.

In-game it is difficult, she responds to some commands and not at all to others. Turning is smooth at times and then with the next press she does a 180°… not what I'm aiming for

Anyone experienced this or a similar issue and maybe have an idea how to fix it?
There aren't many settings available for the game or for the Classic OS.
I use the PowerBook keyboard and have tried an external one with no avail.
Played around with the game resolutions and such thinking maybe it was asking too much from the system, but also without result.
There are no options for keyboard mapping or settings…

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice you may have for this issue
Greetings from Belgium.
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tlr online
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Welcome to the forum. Someone should be along soon with some advice.
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Hope there is something to be done. Searching on the net hasn't been a success, apart from finding this forum
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