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Default TRNG - understanding TestPosition= command

I found an old image in PMs I send some time ago. It visually shows what is the TestPosition= command look like when applied.

Here I illustrated the understanding of local coordinates. I took X values as an example, but the others work in the same way. Just remember that the Y- is up.

Some more info:
  • Standard pivot point is a center of a sector. It is the default pivot for an object if it hasn't been moved since you placed it in editor;

  • New pivot point is used if object has been moved by either TRNG action/in meta2tr or byself like enemy. At the picture there are 2 identical animatings in the same sector, just moved to different directions by TRNG actions (Both cupboards are interactable, but the condition trigger can work in one-shot mode on the whole sector only, therefore only first of two cupboards at same sector can give you a pickup during search). You usually don't need to know it's new coordinates;

  • Actual interacting point is the place where animation starts. It is the middle between min and max values. It shows the actual offset from object's local pivot. At the picture it is the handle area. Usually you don't need to know it's values, I just put them for an explanation;

  • If you use the FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS flag then Lara will walk to Actual interacting point before playing animation, otherwise Lara will play animation as soon as she is in Min-Max range. Be careful when using the FAN_ALIGN_TO_ENV_POS flag, I mean don't block the actual interacting point by some collision or Lara will walk endlessly.
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Thank you so much! I've always had trouble setting this up, so I instead used invisible switches as a way to interact with items... I'll take a try with your post!
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