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Originally Posted by ShutUpReyes View Post
Peruvian Jungle. No other human life, stunning colours, old tombs and crypts to discover. Honestl everything from Lara taking off that poncho to finding Etzli is perfection.
So, when I first started playing the game at launch, I flew through the first 50% of the game (because, like you, I enjoyed the Peruvian Jungle so much). I think I made it to Paititi in about 2-3 nights of gameplay (including all the tombs that were available)? Anyhow, shortly after doing the first couple of tombs and story missions in Paititi, I quit the game for about six months. It wasn't a "this sucks, I'm out" kind of quit. Rather, I just became a bit disinterested and moved on to other things.

Even after coming back to the game, something has always bothered me about Paititi. The first hour or so in the area is really impressive -- there just seems like so much to do and see. But after that initial sense of wonder and excitement wears off, something goes wrong.

For me, I think the game's illusion really starts to break down here. In particular, the NPCs lack the life and character to really sell me on the idea that Paititi is real place. Instead, I'm reminded that I'm playing a video game with strict rules and scripts. And while I think Rockstar gets too much credit for their open worlds, cities like Los Santos or Saint Denis feel more realized, unpredictable, and alive compared to Paititi.

Perhaps the comparison is unfair. I realize that GTA V and SotTR are different games; Los Santos and Paititi serve different purposes. I've seen a bunch of people in this thread comment on either their love or hatred for Paititi. I'm curious to know exactly why people feel one way or the other (besides the outfit restriction).

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Originally Posted by Hepburn View Post
I'm curious to know exactly why people feel one way or the other (besides the outfit restriction).
Paititi is fine; it's a hub with people in it. If it weren't for the restricted clothing then I wouldn't have given the area any real thought. I hate the slogging sections when trying to reach the abandoned village and the wild jungle. I also don't like that it has so many side missions, challenges, and DLCs in it--it makes Kuwaq Yaku and St. John empty in proportion. Despite its size, however, I love how intuitive navigation was through the area.

Most people's point of contention lies with the moment they realized that EM was forcing the area upon us, expecting us to spend all of our time there despite the developer suppressing our clothing and weapon options, which makes the open area claustrophobic. I was irked by the fact that weapons weren't allowed in the village because that meant that when I came across the frog totems I had no idea how to work them. It took me cracking open the walkthrough to be told that the bow and arrow will appear when you hover the reticle over the frog ropes. Well, after already knowing that weapons don't work in the area, why would I ever think to try them?

But yeah, being hampered in an area that EM expects and demands us to inhabit for the majority of the game is bothersome, so most people hate it for that reason. I was originally uncaring about the location, but then we got four DLCs in a row located in Paititi, so I'm beginning to be at the point where the area slightly bothers me.
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