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Default music as a career

is anyone a musician for their career? could you tell me what it actually requires. i see at youtube you have very talented musicians and sometimes self taught that would do very well if they were in a band or a musical composer for tv or game or film. it seems to me talent and skill and playing multiple instruments isn't enough to make a career out of it but you might get alot of following and small earnings from it. you know when you was at school and you played an instrument and did grading sometimes up to grade 5 or 6 or onwards and also grading in music theory, it's like that is not enough either but just a base, i heard some people will study for aprox 4 years to get a degree that should guarantee a job in the future. it does seem like facebook and youtube is your best starting point to get people interested in your solo work or work you do in a band.
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Not a musician but probably depends what you want to do in music. Studying and/or using social media as a platform will obviously help.

That said, I genuinely believe in most cases that very successful musicians are neither self-taught nor began learning at an older age (by "older" I mean like anything over 10 years old). If you look at most successful musicians who are household names, certainly before the time of social media but even now really, almost every single one of them comes from a musical family where like a parent got them doing music from a very young age. It starts early. It's generally not something that you get to 21 and think "hmmm... I think I'll try out for X-Factor!" and then magically become a musical legend.
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You need a good business sense.

Are you looking to become a performer? Or mainly a recording artist? The two are going to meet along the way anyway but usually people start out with one unless they haven't been found by a scout/have been offered a deal right away.

It would also be good to know what you can do already.

Generally it's good if you can write and arrange your own songs so you already have a couple of things to start out with. You can also bring them along if you approach venues to ask whether you can perform there.

If you are looking to get a contract you can send these in to companies, but be aware that they often take months to look at these and often will return them if you do not strictly follow their procedure. Most of them have an A&R (artists and repertoire) manager who will handle these and are responsible for adding new artists to the roster.

Some labels will not let you send in a demo that is unsolicited, so you would need a manager/lawyer or an agent (from a talent agency for example) that will get in touch with the labels A&R manager.

Have some good social media profiles, and if you have some savings, pay for promotion so you will pop up in people's advertisements. Also try to feel what the algorithms are so you can adapt your hashtags to them. Try to find the venues where the scouts are looking for new artists.

Do some street music (be sure you don't do anything illegal, Canada metro for example has designated spots for street musicians) to get some exposure.

It's a good idea to upload your things to hear, youtube, soundcloud but also streaming services. Some companies will offer you streaming management for relatively low prices.

Do some training, for example if you're a singer, try to get some singing lessons or if you play instruments get lessons for that.

There is a lot more that can be done, but the things above are some of the most basic things (gosh I love talking about music).
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hey thanks for that, i was just curious to see what it takes, probably lots of practice and patience, but i think over time it becomes like 2nd nature the way some people can play music and close eyes lol i couldn't take my eyes off guitar fretboard as i know ill make a mistake.
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i think it's like wishful thinking at the moment but i can remember when i played the piano i composed little pieces and wrote it all down in my little book and played to my teacher and back then probably 2006 ish she said you could make alot of money from this, the idea of being a composer and someone would use your composed piece and pay you and put your name on it but use it in a tv series or film. it sounds quite cool but i get the feeling it's highly unlikely due to competition everywhere and if there's scouts watching they'll pick anyone abit like a gamble yeah. i think you'd have to save some money back as it could be a long wait before you earn money.
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I would not go into music as a career because you can "make a lot of money from it." Yes, some people do, but for every person who makes a lot of money, there's hundreds who have day jobs because music doesn't pay their bills.

I'm concerned that you don't really mention loving music, can't imagine not playing music, waking up in the middle of the night with tunes in your head. Most people play music because they can't imagine NOT playing music.

The most skills you have, the more employable you will be though, so lessons, school, training are all good steps.
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