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Originally Posted by Shirley_Manson View Post
If Shepard is male then Ash will get "pulled" thoward the Beacon and stands in the infirmary next to Shepard when he wakes up. If Shepard is female then it's Kaidan.
I guess it's happens in that order beacuse it should start some kind of connection with a potential love interest.
Idk. Kaidans kinda boring so I choose to save Ashley almost every time.
I had one conversation with Kaidan outside of a mission by the time he was finished talking I was bored and had stopped listening halfway through, sacrificing him on Virmire was a very easy decision.
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The whole Kaidan vs. Ashley argument is pretty heated in the fandom.

My personal take on the Virmire situation is that if Kaidan is with the bomb, and once the bomb is set it cannot be stopped, AND if Ashley is with the Salarians by the AA guns at a higher point in the facility, going to get Ashley and the Salarians is the better tactical decision for both saving the most lives and getting the Normandy out of there the quickest.

I'm honestly not sure how the Salarians get picked up if you take the Normandy to the bomb site, the game just assumes it happens, so my argument is largely based on my own suppositions. Quite a few people hold the opposite opinion, that securing the bomb site is absolutely the most mission critical thing to do and Ashley and whomever is with her at the AA guns can die.

As far as character development goes...Ashley actually has an arc. She starts off as human-centric, thinking the Alliance needs to be wary of the Council races actually acting as allies. She comes around to the idea of working with aliens by the time of Virmire, and she's someone principled enough that she will support neither the Earth-first Terra Firma political party nor Cerberus. There is growth there.

Also, it bears noting that everything Ashley was concerned about in Mass Effect actually happens in Mass Effect 3, from the Council races being willing to sacrifice Earth to save themselves to the theft of the Normandy technology (the Quarians showing up in ME3 with a diplomatic ship masking their heat emissions based on Normandy's stealth tech - you're welcome, TALI).

Kaidan...doesn't have an arc. He's just there. He's the face of biotics if you're not playing a biotic character, and largely he just gets promoted and is the same person he always was. Which is not to say he requires an arc, but there's very little meat to his story (not including the cooking scene in CITADEL). He's just there, reliable and stalwart, and it isn't as compelling.
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As much as I love Kaidan, I kinda have to agree. There's not much to him, besides being a possible romancable character. On that front he does a very good job though. I'm sorry you have to sacrifice one of them so early into the series. I'd love to see Ashley progress as a character while still 'hanging out' with K.
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