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Originally Posted by krycekuva View Post
all are awful! i cant read the comics looking like this. i've always been a fan, but i'm very visual. and sadly none of this guys does it for me. maybe randy green just a bit.

andy park was by far one of the bests. not my favorite, but on my top three.
Someone here hasn't read Inferno and saw the tremendous evolution Philip Sevy's art went through...
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1. D. Selma, really like the face for some reason
2. P. Sevy, great face, body and expressions.
3. R. Green, awesome
4. C. Carnero, very solid
5, D. Santacruz, nice lighting but inconsistent face
6. R.Atkins, pretty good
7. A. Mutti, weird face
8. A. Woods, face and body are an abomination
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He only ever did covers, but I'm giving this one to Adam Hughes. It's not even close, really.

EDIT: Joe Jusko did a limited series with fully-painted acrylic art as well, which was pretty easy on the eyes.

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