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Default Resident Evil 2 remade in Dreams (WIP)

Hello everyone. Just wanted a share a thing I have been working on Dreams Early Access on PS4. This little work in progress is still far from complete as I plan to recreate the whole Police Station from RE2. You might notice that there are some differences, that's due to the exterior of the Police station being completely different from the actual interior in the RE2 remake. Instead of sculpting two different locations, I'm giving it my own flair with some extra rooms and stuff.

I will continue to update this and hopefully release a full playable version sometime soon. Right now I'm nearly finished with the rough sculpt and am adding textures and sculpting interior objects which are a pain in the ass tbh. After all is sculpted, I shall do the logic and make the game playable to any who own Dreams.

If you would like to see anything else sculpted, be it models, environments or even a Croft Manor (it's in the list of things to do) drop me some messages. I have other projects I'm working on as well, but will always try to see if I have time for something else. Or if there are any Dreamers willing to help with anything or want to know more about Dreams, feel free to drop me a PM.
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It's beautiful! Cannot wait to see more on this. Great work Micki
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Looks good so far! Hope to see it as it progresses!
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