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Originally Posted by Dennis's Mom View Post
I wish I could say the game was interesting, but why would I want ridiculous Uncharted gun battles in a zombie apocalypse?
Pity. There's always a dearth of 3rd person games.
I'm pretty sure this was just for the demo. As if the game was shouting "look at all these zombies I can kill!"

I think the game is open world? so you can decide on how much combat you want to be involved in. We shall see!
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They need to rid of these generic red exploding barrels xD
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I don't know how to feel about this really. If the story is good then I'll definitely play it, but it does come across as an uninspired Uncharted crossed with the Last of Us.
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It looks like it could be good fun but maybe not a game worth $60.00. It's for sure no Last Of Us.
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Originally Posted by Emix View Post
RDR 2, but ppl say that announcement got canceled last minute. Idk. why.
Supposedly, the trailer had too many parallels to the Orlando shooting.
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That's not Red Dead, this rumored to be something that Sony is working whether it be for PS4 or PSVR.
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This is might be the VA for the protagonist...

Kudos if you guys know which other character he voices in a popular videogame
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It might look like The Last of Us but it's way more ambitious; the biggest reason I love TLOU (beside its characters) it's the environments and this seem to be taking it to the next level, with open world.

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I REALLY like the look of this. Super cute.
'TLOU' clearly influenced this game. It looks open world. I think this is so cool.
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It looks nice, I'll probably buy it because there's such a lack of zombies games out there.

When watching the gameplay I really hoped it wouldn't have been zombies. Demons, people turning into sadistic crazy people (like those horrible Crossed comics), some Lovecraftian ****, anything. But I feel even as a long time zombie fan there's just way too many of them.

But the game looks nice!
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