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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
I wouldn't say so. I'm playing this right now and it is actually quite colorful, much prettier than next-gen PC version. If there's any version that is washed out, then it's actually nextgen on PC. It is absolutely awful, buggy, ugly. The general idea of TRL color scheme on x360 is that a lot of textures are grey or brown or green, yes, but they environments also have a lot of colour added by lighting. This is especially visible in Ghana where fire adds a beautiful orange tint to dark and otherwise scary locations.
I dunno, with the PS3 and X360 versions being pretty similar, I'd still cast my lot in with the PS2 version. There are a lot of neat details that the next-gen console versions miss out on. For example, the subtle rainbow in Ghana by the waterfall, or certain textures in Japan. Plus, there are some cutscene variances--like child Lara having two models on PS2 (She gets a scarf and beret in the scene where she sees the dais. Not so in PS3/X360) and some animations (Child Lara rolling her eyes as Amelia kisses her in the opening).

I'm big on trying not to miss out on details.
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