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Cat Woman
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Originally Posted by Slugly View Post
I just want the secret dlc.
Me to. Frustrating not knowing anything at all.
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Duals and the disgusting, nausea inducing outfit restriction.
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I really hope the final DLC will be a fully explorable inside and outside clean Croft Manor with some cool gameplay! As for updates I hope they remove the outfit restriction and I would love to see a proper classic outfit with less poofy hair and even a braid preferably. But I'm afraid that's never going to happen.
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More tribal stuff and if possible a Paeeteeteean thong. (reverse Psychology).
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The final DLC of course
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Melonie Tomb Raider
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Originally Posted by veigafd View Post
More tribal stuff and if possible a Paeeteeteean thong. (reverse Psychology).
omg ilu
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I'm still not fully convinced that we are getting something,tbh. They seem to be working on something but as long as there's nothing official to go by I remain a bit sceptical. Plans can always change so long as there's no confirmation, after all. Even if that might not be a very likely scenario. So we'll see I guess.

As for what I'm looking forward to, I'm not sure, actually, because I'm not really sure what's realistic to expect in terms of gameplay considering we don't know anything at the moment. Especially if the “tomb” (if there even is one) really turns out to be Croft Manor. I'm curious about the supposedly non tribal/non military outfit and what that actually entails, though. Other than that, having the restriction finally been lifted (if they can work that out) would definitely be nice.
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I don’t even have to say it at this point of what i am looking for lol. *hint: fixing the harness for Lara’s rise outfits.* lol
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I like the outfits.

Give me select chapter mode.

And also, lemme skip all the cutscenes and run everywhere. Loading a random save from scratch takes less that the shorter cutscene of the game, so don't give me that "b-but it's loading in the background" crap.
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B-but it's loading in the foreground!
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