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Anne Boleyn
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Default “Natla Technologies”

Has anyone ever noticed that Larson’s recitation of the company motto contains a clue to Natla being a god? He says that the company is the “creator of all things bright and beautiful”.

Those of us who endured religious school will remember singing the old hymn, which goes

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The lord god made them all

Quite a clever little Easter egg, given that in the game Natla turns out to be an evil pseudo-god who creates horrific creatures!
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Relic Hunter
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Never knew about this! Nice catch, thanks for sharing.
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That's cool
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Interesting! I always thought "bright and beautiful" meant the technology the company developed (shiny screens, beautiful design and graphics, so on).

Come to think of it, do we even know what Natla Technologies was all about? What did they sell or produce?
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Oh wow for me it was Larson calling Natla herself "Bright and beautiful" like he was kissing her ass or something cos she's his boss, but that makes way more sense.
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Relic Hunter
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"...Seal it, Larson."

In other words "shut the **** up in case she gets the hint"???
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My take is that Natla retained enough knowledge of the super-advanced Atlantean technology that was lost to the meteor's destruction to repatent some of it when she defrosted and make a vast fortune with her own tech company.

Is it ever confirmed that the three rulers were gods in TR1? I know they are in TRA but I assumed they were just genetically-enhanced humans in TR1.
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I always interpreted it is sarcasm / a play on the hymn and that Natla and/or her company is very powerful.
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Great job noticing that! I always thought it just meant that she made cool technology and when Natla said, “Seal it, Larson”, she wanted Larson to stop being dippy.
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Tomb Raider
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Vicky Arnold is underrated.

I liked her scripts very much.
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