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The next TR will be cross gen.

And will continue to use Underworld animations which were even on PS2 TRU.
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Imagine using a PS2 game's TR animations on PS5 omg

They're like 14 years old by the time the next game is out
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Originally Posted by Princess_Paige View Post
It took 5 years between Underworld and TR13 because they were originally working on Ascension as the next game (supposed to be a sequel to Underworld apparently).
So I don’t really understand why some people think they need so much time to make TR12 considering in just 5 years they made it quite far through development of Ascension then scrapped it and made TR13. They’ll announce the next game 2020/2021 with a release of late 2021 which will coincide with the franchises 25th Anniversary, next gen consoles and the film sequel
To be fair, having time to brainstorm ideas, develop them for a while, and then change/scrap them for something better is exactly why development time might be longer. The time they spent on Ascension is time they spent on TR2013. And just like TR2013, the next game isn't just a sequel, they have to reimagine and set up the whole series from this point on. I hope it's not 5 years too but I'd understand if it were.
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Originally Posted by veigafd View Post
I want so bad a game where Lara has gadgets to use,binoculars, flares,dynamites, they could implement the crafting system in her backpack like Tlou does. But make the supplies extremely hard to find and restrict the backpack spaces in a way that you need to think about what you can take instead of just press Action button and take 50/50 imaginary arrows
I'd actually love to see this. But I just don't like how in TLoU you can only carry 3 supplies of each. I'd want for Lara to stash as much resource as she could
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Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
The thought of the next game being in development for only 2-3 years sounds absolutely terrifying and awful. Maybe they could pull it off, but if I was hearing about the next game too soon, I’d be incredibly concerned about its quality.

They need to rework the formula and do something interesting, and I want them to take their time doing it so it can be great. I don’t want burnout to come about like it did with Core, and I don’t want the next game to feel like a rehash of the reboot’s formula. I love and want more of TR as much as the next person, but I want an epic comeback to TR after how Shadow ended. Not a rushed out the door mess. Fresh is best, imo.

the sooner the better. read that eidos montreal has 500 employes now.
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