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I didn't read the leaked script either, although I was aware of its contents (I don't really mind spoilers). I am talking about the actual final "in movie" script.

Even if I really enjoy it, it is just an okay movie, objectively. Lot's of problems, especially with it's plot (Richard, Lara not studying archaeology, Richard, Mathias being too bland, Richard, Himiko not being supernatural, even if the "she was actually a good, self-sacrificing queen" twist was actually good imo, Richard). And the complete waste of the soundtrack is an absolute crime.

Still, when you are expecting "terrible" but end up getting an "actually okay" movie, your expectations are still exceeded and improves your enjoyment of the movie. At least it did for me.
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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
That infamous script that was leak, I am from those who didn't read it and kept the surprise until the release. I found the movie to be just decent. Several things could be much better but I don't think it was bad. Alicia was also the obvious highlight for me !
This wasn't a script but a draft wich is different from a script.

I suppose the whole story was written by Geneva since a draft is submitted before becoming a full script and then a screenplay.

That's a shame I can't even find the screenplay at sale...
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