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Question TR3 draw distance adjust???

Hey guys I noticed that on TR3 on pc that you can increase/decrease the draw distance after applying the multipatch. It works by pressing and holding the / and * keys. Has anyone else noticed this???
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Looks more like it extends how much of the area is lit up.
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This is not a draw distance. This is the "fog begin" adjustment. It allows you to change "fog begin" value from 10% to 90% of a draw distance (I'm not sure about exact values).

In the original TR1-3 games the "fog end" is always at a draw distance. At this distance all polygons turn pitch black, after this point nothing is drawn. Normally the "fog begin" sets at 60% of a draw distance. The polygons before the "fog begin" are not darkened, and the polygons after the "fog begin" start to darken in proportion to the distance. The closer to the "fog end", the darker the polygon.

The draw distance is a constant, and it allows to save PC resources. The fog only allows to hide the place where the polygons stop drawing. The fog itself saves no PC resources.
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