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Assuming the events of the dlcs take place exactly when they unlock the story would be like:

Lara after going through the 3 trials, looking at Paititi: This is incredible. But brb imma go back to kuwaq yaku for a sec to check on abby.

Alright yall im back lets go find that silver box.

Guys the box was taken and Unuratu is captured.

Q'orianka: k she can wait hear me out go find this shield so we can prove something.

Lara: ok brb

Lara: ok im back heres the shield now im gonna go rescue Unuratu, wait... why are you mean to this naked kid Qori

Qori: nvm but look at this wheel thing Amaru had it must be something important can you go climb a mountain

Lara: ugh omg ok fine but im rescuing unuratu after this
Anyways im back the wheel was nothing important to us i really have to go now

Etzli: Lara! Your Serpent Guard disguise is good. Can you also free my friend's father?

Lara frees Hakan and asks her to find some naked guy then she goes on a river with a raft to find an ugly bow.

Lara: ok for real now im gonna go rescue Unuratu.

RIP Queen, savage Lara we love to see it

Abby drives Jonah and Lara to San Juan but they forgot to talk about Uchu's scars so they go back and it turns into a deep convo about how there's a weapon that could help. Lara goes to find it.

Jonah and Lara travel back to San Juan and find the box

San Juan destroyed, heading to Paititi ready for battle

Lara: ok brb Etzli a friend needs us back in another village

Abby: can you go climb the inside of that volcano and see what's up

Lara: ofc ^^

Lara and Jonah head back to the battle.
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