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Default Ladders.

Does anyone know how to add climbable walls using the Tomb Editor. Iíve tried various things but I just canít seem to figure out how to make walls climbable. Adding movable boxes is another thing I canít figure out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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you have to add the climb attribute on the FLOOR infront of the ladder, not the wall itself.

So when you want a climbable wall on the north, you have to add CLIMB NORTH to the floor infront of the ladder
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By 'moveable boxes' I assume you meant pushable blocks. These are actually objects you must add to your wad and place them in the level.
You can find some searching on TRLE resource websites like trsearch.org or laraslevelbase.org (type pushable or pushblock in the search bar). You can also copy them from the TR wad and assign them to the appropriate slot (like PUSHABLE_OBJECT1, PUSHABLE_OBJECT2...) using WadTool for example, if you want to use the original ones from those games.

Pushables in TRLE don't work like they did in TR1-3, you can't climb up on them by default. If you want to make them climbable, then assuming you're using TRNG, you can enter a certain OCB number to do that. You select the placed pushblock and hit the "O" key to bring up the OCB panel. In the OCB box you type some number from the list in this tutorial. For example, if you want to climb a 4 click block (like they were usually in TR1-3) you must type 68 in this box, then click OK.

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TE is used, so thread moved to TE section.
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