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Lightbulb Trouble with corrupt FBX files, using Noesis to convert the model to XPS

Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
I'm having some trouble converting a model to XNALara. It's in FBX Format and I'm exporting it as the .mesh.ascii format as I'm supposed to, but when I load that mesh.ascii into SNALara, there's no visible mesh. The bones are listed in the bones list but no visible handles.
Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
I'm converting from an existing FBX file I downloaded, using Noesis and the XNALara plugin. I've not exported it to FBX myself.

EDIT: It's these models: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w2w6mutlx...7icwlnqDa?dl=0

I converted a different FBX beforehand (Godzilla 2014 from Smash3) and it worked just fine.
Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
@XNAaraL - I can't directly reply to your PM, so I'll reply here so as not to clutter the request thread further.

Sorry for not being clear. I tested a few of the other models and aside from the really badly corrupted rigging they export to mesh.ascii fine. It's the Miho models that appear to not even appear at all. Some of the models are garbled so it's not a good model rip.

I think the best thing for me would be to convert the models to OBJ and do new rigs before bringing them into XPS.
My forum settings do not allow that you can directly reply to my PM, without having sending a friend request before.

Again, I also can not reproduce your problem with Miho_19_21_0233.fbx from your link.
  1. I have download, form your link, the file "Miho_19_21_0233.fbx"
  2. I have open it in Noesis version 4.274
  3. I have exported it with "Noesis to XNALara/XPS importer/exporter plugin " version 0.9.6 to .mesh.ascii
  4. I have load the .mesh.ascii file in XPS version 11.8
  5. when I load that mesh.ascii into "XPS", there is a visible mesh. The bones are listed in the bones list. Visible handle. But of course, the model is a mess. The bones moves wrong.
  1. When I load the FBX file in Noesis, then there is a visible mesh in Noesis. The bones are listed in the Noesis "Data Viewer" and the handles (bones) are visible.

  2. If you use in Noesis->"Tools-->Data Viewer-->Model 1-->Bones" and double click in Noesis to "Transform offset->Enabled" to enable the posing, then there's no visible mesh in Noesis. The bones are listed in the Noesis "Data Viewer" but no visible handles.

    The entire model collapses in Noesis into a single point.
  3. If I load the .mesh.ascii model in Blender 2.49c and pose the model

    then we can recognize that allready the bone called "pelvis" has a wrong "Weight Painting" (bone weights). The hierarchy is also wrong ("spine" is a child of "pelvis"; "L/R clavicle" is a child of "head" ...)

Summary about this FBX file:
  • If you download a FBX file, then open it with "Notepad". Seach for "Creator". If you find
    Creator: "Unity Studio by Chipicao"
    then delete this FBX. It is a mess.
    Some idiot has broken this Unity Studio tool. All models exported with this screwed up AssetStudio tool are now just garbage.
  • My Noesis to XPS exporter, since version 0.9.6, prevent that the model collapses in XPS into a single point. That's why I have updated the script to v0.9.6
  • I think the best thing for you would be to convert the models to .mesh.ascii, using my Noesis2xps exporter version 0.9.6, and do reparent the bones and to correct the weight painting, before bringing them into XPS.

Info for moderators:
I will made the German translation later.
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Default XPS Issue

idk if people are still viewing this thread or answering questions, yet I was wondering how to take care of this issue I have when exporting a model to obj from xanalara, newest version,

Issue 1
object reference not set to an instance of an object xps

Issue 2
could not save model index was outside the bounds of array

I sa wsomething similar on here but his was not the same a smine. Im hoping someone ca help me with this..Thank you.
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