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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
I watched the Back to the Future trilogy on Amazon Prime.

Everything's really dated but the 1st and 3rd film still hold up.

It was very interesting to see how 1985 people imagined 2015 to be....... Lol, where's my flying car? And auto-adjustable clothing? And why isn't the world vaguely dystopian yet?
Awesome films.
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Although it was predictable, it was still pretty good. Great performances by the two leads.

The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 4

So much cuteness!
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Brave New World I just watched the final episode, it's a pity it's been cancelled I was getting into it more and more as it went on and I was hoping that there would be a second season.

The final episode makes me want to get the book and see what happens after the events of the final episode, though the book won't provide all the answers because some elements of the TV show aren't present in the book and were created specifically for the TV show which I won't spoil here which can be read in the trivia section on Brave New World's IMDB page.

Before the TV show started I'd never heard of Brave New World, according to the books Wikipedia page it's been compared to 1984 but I didn't see anything like that in the TV show there was no book burning or editing of information or whatever else went on in 1984, I saw some of the movie 1984 and didn't like it.

Brave New World defies description and I'd never be able to describe it if I were to try and describe it I'd describe it as part Hunger Games the only difference being between Brave New World and The Hunger Games is that there is a class system in Brave New World Alpha's Betas, gamma's Delta's with differences between each group like Alpha and Alpha plus and so on and Epsilon's which are basically Janitors cleaning up after the citizens of New London and part Westworld but only a small part some characters travel to what they call The Savage Lands to watch the people that live there put on shows for their entertainment, the only thing I can say is see it for yourself and make up your own mind.

I've not seen Westworld but I have seen the ads for it which is what led me to the small comparison between Brave New World and Westworld.
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Originally Posted by Nemo_91 View Post
The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 4

So much cuteness!
This season of The Mandalorian has had so many cute moments with Yodito!
"If it's unique or exciting, I go after it." Lara Croft
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