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Be careful Natla Tech - I'd say the reason there are holes in meshes and pistols etc missing from certain levels is due to limitations. If you go over, the level refuses to load. I'm guessing Xevengar had to use Meta to..lower-quality the FMV head - also - holes in meshes can be "semi fixed" by using a lower resolution.

Good example is All Traps are Lara mod. Not every trap change is across each level because of limits. I'm guessing UB was avoided due to limits (I was only able to add rolling ball Lara to The Hive - anything else causes crash)

Re the bun - TR1 Lara hasn't got a free flowing braid - so any braid added is just literally a piece of hair attached to the back of her head permanently. Which will move along with laras chest movements.
It's not perfect. The best braid mod I've seen (from some years ago now) is the one on core design.com
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Hi Mizuno,
About the hair, I know that the game is not able to animate the braid, that's why I propose the idea of ​​combining the FMV face and the bun.
I am well aware that the game is unstable, very technically limited, and that it is very difficult to make a "perfect" mod. However, I think we should try, because, with this mod, we have almost an ideal TR1! Unfortunately, I have no skills in the matter, but maybe someone can improve this mod ...
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