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Sir Launcelot
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Default False missile alert in Hawaii



Accident, or... accident on purpose?

Perhaps "someone" is trying to mentally prime Americans for the idea of nuclear war?

Get ready!
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Surely their missile alert system is not some single, random button some buffoon could "accidentally" press. That's some Looney Toons "press to self destruct" crap right there.
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How can something like this happen? What kind of systems do they have over there where you can press a wrong button?

"Ein schelm der böses denkt" which is roughly translated "A rogue who thinks evil"

You could think that this is staged so that Trump can make himself look like a real president...but that would only have worked if Trump would have acted minutes after this.
But hours later the President hasnt said anything at all about this situation.

So it seems like a really stupid accident which makes me really worried.
If such accidents can happen, god knows what even more scary thing could happen.
Im starting to have heavy doubts if it is a good idea for America to have Missiles and Nukes when they can press the wrong buttons that easily.

Either way a scary situation for the people in hawaii im sure.
Thankfully it was just false alarm.
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Lazy trump wiling away in his golf course, his comfort zone, to flaunt his bon vivant status, and opulent lifestyle, utterly oblivious to the happenings of world.
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Originally Posted by Sir Launcelot View Post
Accident, or... accident on purpose?

Perhaps "someone" is trying to mentally prime Americans for the idea of nuclear war?

Get ready!
Someone like who? From what I read in the news the US government has been mentioning a possible nuclear conflict on a few occasions when commenting on the situation with North Korea. Or are you suggesting that maybe some North Korean hackers somehow fired the false alarm?

Either way I can barely imagine experiencing something like this. A nuclear threat still sounds like something from a movie. Now that it's real, perhaps Hawaii (and maybe all other states too?) should have gone through a proper drill to check how prepared (or not) everyone is before this "error" even happened.

They're saying that around 20,000 people are expected to be killed if a missile actually hits anywhere, with 5 to 12 thousand others experiencing radiation burns...
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we shouldn't have nuclear missiles at all. too dangerous to have around if the tiny thing goes wrong
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