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View Poll Results: How much did Classic Lara Croft influence you?
Not at all 15 9.32%
Just a little bit 20 12.42%
She is a significant part of my world 84 52.17%
She made me who I am today 23 14.29%
Penguins are forever 19 11.80%
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She was and still is a significant part of my world. Being a young, scrawny kid I was picked on and bullied a lot and she was a role model to me in that it’s alright to be alone, use humor and wit to outsmart, and to be above all determined in what you want in life.

She’s like a superhero to me like how most people look up to Batman or Superman. I can’t imagine where’d I’d be without Lara and Tomb Raider. I want to travel the world bc of her. I strive to be athletic bc of her. I wish to be independent and successful just like her. She’s my very first hero.
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Originally Posted by Boobandie View Post
^oh yeah. Lucid dreaming is so much more fun with Lara's moveset. I'm always disappointed when i wake up and remember I can't jump that high. XD I can do the combat rolls and shimmying/ledge hopping though.
Ohhhh it happened to me too!!!
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Laras Dream
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Quite simply made me who I am today.

It was being part of the TR community that made me visit fansites, eventually making my own, and now I have great web development skills. It was TRLE that got me interested in game development, and now I work with Unity on a regular basis.

I am so grateful I found this character.
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She is a significant part of my world. I wanted to be witty and clever like she was. I wanted to venture across the globe in search of thrill, adventure, and excitement, just like her. I wanted to be acrobatic and athletic like she is. At one point, I wanted to be her, to a degree, of course.

I still want to be like her in all these categories even today, but I've also realized that that isn't who I am. Not entirely. However, I still have that craving, we'll call it, for adventure, and I love almost any bit of it I can get in my day-to-day life. I also still wish to be, at times, clever and witty. I'm so thankful my dad introduced me to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider.
So, what’s next from here?
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Alex Fly
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Penguins are forever.
Ask yourself WWLD : What would Lara do? :)
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Penguins are forever, not just for Christmas, tbh.

I wouldn't say [Classic] Lara has influenced me, necessarily, but TR as a franchise. I was recommended TR as a game I could play and I became quickly hooked. It's the main video game I play, though I dabble in other games. It brought me to these forums and I've been inspired to write fan fiction. Classic TR came first for me, so without those games, then I may not be here at all. Before TR found me, I always thought video games were for kids or, at oldest, late teens, but anyone can enjoy them.
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King Ultra
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she had a major impact on me,and shaped many parts of me,im sarcastic,and cold,but I do care about some people and things and that's noticeable at times,I don't like to play by any rules but my own, i also love history and have toyed with the idea of going to college for archeology,also shes why I love Boots, leather gloves, and circular lense sunglasses.....oh and England and anything British for that matter
-"Grand entrances are always impractical,That's what makes them grand."-

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She was the reason I started studying archaeology (well she and my mom).
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Influence me?

Not at all, really.
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way too much tbh.

I still have the urge to say "aha" when i grab things, or make weird noises when I climb something.

Thinking about Bouldering just to know how it is
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