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Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
I agree with you on so many levels. Games are being half assed and launches barely at a working state. Then they have microstransactions and loot boxes which are absurd. You mentioned a few years, seeing as how people don't care now, imagine a TR game where you play as Lara but have to pay for extra hairstyles in customizable micro transactions and new weapons in loot boxes.

It may sound impossible, but under this era where people cause "drama" for this and other's invalidate their opinions, it just might happen.
I agree with this so much too. Yes, it just might happen. Based on how starved people are for hairstyles, good outfits and customization in general, you bet they'd be willing to pay for that. Instead of stopping and thinking if they should, they just do it and call it "normal". No, it's not normal, it's what happened (generally speaking now) because we let the developers get away with it for so long and now people think that's the norm, so the developers/publishers continue to do it because they make more money that way, and they don't really have to work as hard. They really don't have to make complete games anymore because people will buy their unfinished games regardless.

The way games are structured these days is absurd. There is nothing wrong with creating more content for a game, but that's not what's happening to most games. The extra content is planned way ahead of release in order to make extra money. The only extra here is their money, not our content. I can't stress that enough. (There are some exceptions of course)

Just to break it down:
-First there is an announcement of a game that they obnoxiously want you to pre-order without showing you any gameplay. (Which by the way, no one should ever do. That's how we get sloppy games)
-Then there is all the different versions of a game, usually three or more that only differs slightly with the included content. Usually an extra outfit, or some other stupid crap. The most expensive one usually includes the season pass.
-Then there is the season pass itself that they want you to buy because of the fake bonus content they already planned out for the game, which of course they don't disclose to you. You just have to pay and hope that that's it's worth it.
-Then when the game launches and you have to download a "day one" patch that now people are calling "standard practice" or "normal", which is absurd.
-Then depending on what kind of game it is, the microtransactions begin. Do you want a new outfit? Pay for it. Do you want a new weapon or weapon skin? Pay for it. Any customization for your character you basically have to pay for. This will only get worse. Soon any base-game will just be shell for what's to come as "extra" content that you have to pay extra for.
(-Then you have the updates, which they don't like to disclose. Some developers do, but most don't. So players are left guessing what they changed.)

Pretty soon games will become a service, a constant slot machine that you have to put in another dollar to keep going, just like the old days with arcade games. They don't even let you own your games today, they lease them to you... It's just so much ridiculousness going on just so they can be in total control and charge extra for whatever they want.

It's usually easy to spot which games, or developers who operates in good faith and is actually trying to make the game a worthwhile experience and doesn't fill the game with microtransactions and hollow ****. What happened to one version of a game that is complete when you buy it?

Sorry for the long post. I didn't expect to write so much, lol.

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Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post
So you never bought TR2013, ROTTR or SOTTR then
I've bought the TR: DE and the RTR 20th Anniversary. With STR, yeah, I paid for it since I had some extra cash and wasn't in the mood to wait a year, but my console isn't hooked up to the internet, so the only was I can play the current version of the game is to be on my sister's console. I have only paid for two S-Word P-Words (Batman: Arkham Knight and Shadow of the Tomb Raider) in order to experience, and thus fully understand, why supporting such behavior is a bad idea. Now that I have it under my belt, it'll never happen again.
I own a PS4.
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