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The statue is beautiful in every way except her face. Imo the face is pretty terrible and kinda ruins it. There's hardly any paint on mine it almost looks like someone rubbed acetone on it. The face is the most important part how can they have so much detail on the jaguar but ruin her face...

It's too expensive to paint myself so it's definitely not my favorite statue, that spot belongs to the sideshow Temple of Osiris statue cause the whole thing is flawless.
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Originally Posted by Heartache View Post
having a few statues i can say that aswell. the quality and detail is mesmerizing. the tree and all the little plants and everything is just breathtaking. i would have paid even more for the statue because it is just so gorgeous. i want them to do one for every era
Yes it's really the best Lara Croft statue i have, it's amazing, including the face which is incredible!
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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Images. My phone doesn't have the best camera.


look at the detail!


She's just beautiful. (Yes, I'm aware it's an inanimate object).

It's very sturdy and quite heavy. Wouldn't want to be carrying that around for long periods.
OMG I need this!
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