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I think she is naturally beautiful but has probably had a few fillers and has definitely got her teeth done which could alter her face slightly but irregardless she was stunning before and is stunning after, I have seen women in the street who have had more work done than her so I cant nlame her for wanting to do whatever she wants with her looks.

She's sultry and a classic beauty, we are privileged to have her as Lara and would be so lucky for her return.
Does anybody really read these?!

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It probably means nothing for us Tomb Raider fans, but Jodie Comer is in the new Alone in the Dark remake, which is will be published by THQ Nordic which is part of the Parent organization: Embracer Group.

And since she is close to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, young and British.. I wonder if there is a chance that she would be considered for the next Tomb Raider game/movie/TV show.



Again maybe I am just grasping at straws. But could you imagine? Having the same actress across all medias . He he.

Some screens:

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