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Default TR2 Gold - No CD Version

Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
Hey everyone

I need help installing the Golden Mask in Windows 10. I've tried downloading all the versions linked on Stella's site and TRC and I'm just not able to get it to work I have a PC copy of TR2 if it's still necessary.

Don't have a Steam account (and I don't really want one, I much prefer physical copies but am trying this before ordering an actual copy of TR2Gold) and don't know what GOG is or if it would be a simplest way of installing it.

I've never played Lara's Alaskan/Vegas adventure before and I really want to!
Hello Harley! If you didn't find a copy of TR2 Gold yet then i can help you!
I have a free copy of TR2 Gold wich doesnt require any installation (they are the game files themselvs), it is also patched!
Let me know if you'd like the download link!
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