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Default Barkhang Monastery: Get 6 Prayer Wheels

We will show that in Barkhang Monastery, we could get 6 PWs (PW = Prayer Wheel). This method could be useful in a glitchless speedrun.

It was discovered before by Greenapple968 (the Master of Monastery) in the following 2 posts:
https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=227289 (post #2)
But the Master did not make clear that this method could be used to get 6 PWs, and may be used in a glitchless speedrun. I also checked recent speedruns: it seems that the method hasn't drawn enough attentions. So I decided to write my version anyway.

We need to make clear the places and the PWs we refer to. We'll name the PWs according to the following 2 walkthroughs:
TRC: https://www.tombraiderchronicles.com...h/level12.html
Stella: https://tombraiders.net/stella/walks...2barkhang.html
Both of them are master pieces and use the same order of play, as follows.
(1) After getting the Main Hall Key, we don't use it immediately. Instead, we go to a pool with strong current. So, we call the forthcoming PW the PW (Strong Current).
(2) After using the Main Hall Key, we enter the Main Hall. We first go for the Strongroom Key, then the Rooftops Key, then the rooftops. So, we call the PW the PW (Rooftops).
(3) We go to some exercise yard, where 3 monks battle against 4 mercenaries. You'll never forget it, especially if you, like me, are hostile to the hospitality of the hosts. So, we call the PW there the PW (Great Battle).
(4) After using the Trapdoor Key, we go to an outside area. Stella's walkthrough calls it a canyon, so we call the PW there the PW (Canyon).
(5) The last PW is obtained by draining the water. So, we call it the PW (Drained Water).

You don't need to read the Theory part. You could move to the Details part below. It's self-contained. But I insist to write the Theory part, because it gives more insights.

It's all related to the FlipMaps. Some effects are done in this way: The game keeps 2 different maps for the same area. It uses the appropriate one according to whether the FlipMap is ON or OFF. There are 3 FlipMaps in Barkhang Monastery:
(1) At PW (Strong Current), light the room when picking up PW (Strong Current).
(2) At PW (Rooftops), move the obstacle away when using the Gemstone.
(3) At PW (Drained Water), drain the pool when moving the crate to block the source of water.

The important thing is this: In TR2-3 (Note: not in TR4-5), all FlipMaps are turned ON/OFF together.
Q: What does that mean?
A: Yes, it means when the obstacle is moved at PW (Rooftops), the room is also lighted at PW (Strong Current), and the pool is also drained at PW (Drained Water).
Q: But why haven't we seen that?
A: Because there're complicated triggers that turn ON/OFF the FlipMaps back and forth, so that we feel they are turned ON/OFF separately, not simultaneously.

Despite all the efforts put in the complicated triggers that turn the FlipMaps ON/OFF, there is a move that the designers didn't expected, which will bypass the triggers. It's a way from PW (Rooftops) to PW (Great Battle). After getting PW (Rooftops), how to reach PW (Great Battle)? We could go back through the 5 burners to the Main Hall. That's the normal way, and everything will be normal. But there is another way. I put it Step (4) in the Details section below.

By using such a route, we bypass the trigger that turns OFF the FlipMaps. So, the FlipMaps will be ON when we reach PW (Drained Water), and we'll see the pool already drained. It's a well known route for speedrunning. But wait, there's another FlipMap at PW (Strong Current). What will happen there? So, I decided to take a look, which leads to the discovery.

(1) We proceed as the walkthrough, until we get the Main Hall Key.
(2) Stop, do NOT go for the PW (Strong Current). Instead, back down and use the Main Hall Key to enter the Main Hall.
(3) Then we go for the PW (Rooftops).
(4) After getting the PW (Rooftops), do NOT go back through the 5 burners to the Main Hall. Instead, use the following approach to go directly to the exercise yard near the PW (Great Battle).
The link above uses a dive bug. There's a glitchless way, using a curved extreme jump. You may consult any glitchless speedrun videos, for example:

(5) So we're in the exercise yard. Of course, we'll go for the PW (Great Battle).
(6) Then we go directly to the pool of the PW (Drained Water). The water is already drained. So, we get the third PW, the PW (Drained Water).
(7) Now we go for the PW (Strong Current) for the first time. When we arrive there, the dark room is already lighted. We take the PW (Strong Current).
(8) We need to turn OFF the FlipMaps. Recall Step (4), where we emphasized NOT to go back through the 5 burners. The trigger to turn OFF the FlipMaps is in the middle of the 5 burners. So now, we go there and touch the middle one of the 5 burners.

(9) At this point, we may check the pool of the PW (Drained Water) again, for fun. The water is filled again, but there is no PW since we already take it.
(10) Now we go for the PW (Strong Current) for the second time. The previously lighted room becomes dark. At the first glance, there's NO PW. But when we step on the block where the PW was, the room is lighted, the fires are activated, and a new PW magically appears at Lara's feet.
(11) We already have 5 PWs. If we want, we may end the level now.
(12) But we'll get the 6th PW anyway. So we do it as the walkthrough instructs: Get the Trapdoor Key through the terrible traps, then go to the canyon to get the PW (Canyon).

That's it.
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For Speedruns
I'd like to start a new post here, because I don't want to add more to the already complicated one above.

Actually, I don't have the ability to test if such a route is indeed faster. But what I think is, in a glitchless speedrun, we could stop at Step (11). In this way, we don't need to go through the terrible traps for the Trapdoor Key, and also the canyon areas back and forth. The added part is Step (8) and Step (10). In Step (10), we could take a shortcut from the already moved crates, i.e., not go through the strong current pool. Anyway, it's complicated to compare, so I'll stop here.
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Haven't tried TR2 glitchless run so I'm speechless
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