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I also miss the old info box, so +1
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SCSI Adapter
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Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
That would be the last thing to implement, as an extra feature, and dropping the idea is also possible due to, among other things, difficulty of managing multiple versions of object IDs, etc.
I'd imagine it'd be easier to just create different builds of the editor. Similar to how Half-Life and Half-Life 2 had level editors that were very similar and were both named "Hammer" but couldn't the others maps.
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Default Horizzon

I'm testing the new editor and for the test I'm using KARNAK WADS (which has the horizon)

QUESTION: why in the test the horizon is not seen? yet there is

QUESTION; what's wrong ?
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Hmm just curious does TombEditor build sounds?

because I've replaced some sounds and they never get sent through and it plays the old ones?

I don't know why even though I set the directories etc it just started changing the sounds later???
Is there no sort of cache issue perhaps???

EDIT 2: Out of nowhere not playing sounds again (there is sound but not the new ones)

EDIT 3: TombEditor needs to be closed and reopened to capture any new updates at all sometimes.
Hope only brings disappointment. It's a fact.

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Where are the files you edit (WADs, sound samples, etc.) located? Are they inside a system-protected directory like Program Files?
Are you running TombEditor and all other programs you use to edit files (WadMerger, but also programs you use to edit sounds and other files) as Administrator and without compatibility options set?
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Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
I really appreciate Paolone's efforts, but he's probably lost interest in TRNG,
I don't want to be offtopic, only a little note.
In summer, I e-mailed to him about a crucial plugin bug (to fix it in a little update even if he had no mood/time for a full update). Many of you probably already know which that bug is, I told it in other threads, not once.
What the important is he wrote back that he would fix it in the "next update". So I suppose it is not a lost interest.
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Update 1.0.4 released!


Version 1.0.4 - 10/12/2017
Added NG triggers
Added NG header
Fixed fast level loading
Fixed crash in animated textures
Added group transforms (domes, pyramids, etc)
Added correct drawing of special sectors in stacked rooms
Replaced old style tooltip in 2d Grid with standard Windows's tooltip
Fixed some memory leaks
Added game version settings for switching between vanilla tomb4.exe and TRNG (and more in future)
Fixes to dark UI controls
Autoswitch of special sectors in 3D view for seeing correcctly overlapped special sectors
Fixed bugs on gizmo
Increased texture atlas to 8K (max 1024 texture pages for rooms and 1024 texture pages for objects)
Fixed floordata creation for portals (thhis fixes Caesum's Perý animation bug)
Fixed function for getting texture ID of meshes polygons (this fixes NG WADs wrong textures)
Increased renderer performances while doing dragging operations
Fixed 1 px cut sprites bug
Added "L" lock flag to rooms
Fixed bug for RF-ED not synced correctly on portals when you edit a room
Added a new window that popups when you import WADs and some WAV samples are missing. This window allows the user to brose for samples.
Fixed bug about cameras and sinks (it was visible for example in Karnak)
Added context menus for oobjects, unselected blocks and selected area
Added compiler statistics in status bar
Many other small bugfixes and improvements
Tomb Editor Main developer
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Here is the awaited version 1.0.4

This version adds support for NG triggers, with a GUI similar to NGLE. This is experimental, and a few triggers are not fully implemented yet (for example triggers that reference strings in TXT files). NG stuff will be completed in the next updates, Paolone is helping me a lot iin this field.

Other new amazing features are context menus, with right click, and the new concept introduced by Lwmte that when you move the mouse on a button of special sectors (death, monkey, etc), they are correctly highlighted in 3D view and 2D grid.

A lot of fixes to bugs reported by you, some of them allowed us to discover Core Design's special setups and hack inside the engine.

Many features, expecially NG support, are experimental. They seem to work, but more testing is needed
Tomb Editor Main developer
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Cool, downloading and testing right now!

Btw, are you going to add a "load last project" button eventually? It was extremely helpful in Room Editor, and I would love to see a more modern take on it (with a list of last loaded projects like in 3ds max).

EDIT: The Peru bug is totally fixed now, great!
EDIT2: The fast load button is still kind of faulty. It works lovely in my Castle Kriegler level, but for some reason when I use it in my Peru level, the game crashes before loading. Interesting enough, when I build it and manually run the game, it works well. Could it be because I use custom tomb4.exe modified by FLEP?

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It could be. This patch (not developed by me so I must ask to the author) is... a patch and probably tied to a specific executable.
Thank you for reporting
Tomb Editor Main developer
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