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Default Tomb Editor - Updates

Link above contains actual and valid new version of Tomb Editor. All updates should be posted here from now on.

Updates are released via dedicated repository as installer and portable zip. Installer will automatically take care of 32 vs 64 bit issues and manage some other things for you, so you shouldn't worry about that. If you don't need that, you can download zip file. Also, you can directly browse repo for past TE versions if you need one.

Please don't reply to this thread if you have questions or issues, use general TE thread instead.

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Version 1.2.10 is now released.

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add "Search & Replace objects" feature
  • Add short NG trigger names as prefixes
  • Add option to pick texture without blending mode and double-sided attribs
  • Fix room effect value of 1
  • Fix broken textures on imported geometry if same level texture set is used
  • Fix occasional floordata generation bug
  • Fix inability to cancel "Set ambient light for selected rooms" action
  • Implement undo for changing light colour
  • Remove triggers to nonexistent targets on room removal
  • Prevent lock-ups when prj2 with broken trigger with nonexistent target is selected
  • Add "Copy" button to animcommand editor
  • Prevent exceptions while reference project without sounds is loaded
  • Fix some more geometry import bugs
  • Fix state change editor foolproofing
  • Unset "Prefer 32-bit" flag which caused WT to stop working on some Win10 systems
  • Fix misplaced samples warning condition

Download: installer, portable zip.

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Version 1.2.11 is now released.

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add new "Find untextured" feature
  • Add scaling to texture remap tool
  • Add extra checkbox for merged statics to replace room ambient light with static color
  • Specify source/destination in find & replace window based on where the item was dropped
  • Change the way TRNG flipeffects/actions/conditions are listed to preserve alphabetical sorting
  • Limit camera distance to prevent annoying zoom slowdown
  • Import objectless prjs without error
  • Properly display imported geometry names on prj2 loading
  • Fix for death + climb floordata flag combination
  • Fix invisible objects picking
  • Fix nullref exception with missing sound catalogs
  • Fix item browser reset on paste object action
  • Fix inconsistent texture mirroring on ceiling while using group and grid paint texturing tools
  • Attempt to fix texture sorting exception on resource reload
  • Add texture info diagnostics for possible system-specific compile issues

  • An option to alphanumerically sort meshes on model/animation import
  • Collect and play custom sounds from reference level in animcommand editor
  • Additional safety measures to prevent potential wad2/prj2 corruption if saving was unsuccessful
  • Fix corruption of EndFrame value with null animations re-saved from pre-1.2.9 wad2s
  • Fix index out of range exception if anim parameters were edited with mousewheel

Download: installer, portable ZIP.
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Version 1.3 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Export and reimport rooms using Wavefront OBJ, Collada, glTF2, x3d and MQO formats with lighting.
  • Add "Hide room" feature which disables all editor-generated room geometry without untexturing it.
  • Add "Lighting Quality" feature to create natural smooth shadows with multipass raytracing.
  • Customize palette by double-clicking and ability to sample palette from selected texture set.
  • Add "Clear Shades" option for merged statics which removes mesh's own shades before applying lighting.
  • Add "Untextured Lighting" view mode.
  • An option to hide transparent parts of rendered objects.
  • An option to show real tint for merged static meshes.
  • An option to disable warnings on object deletion.
  • An option to show winroomedit cardinal directions instead of real in-game ones.
  • Optimized 3D rendering: now up to 6 times faster in complex levels with lots of similar objects.
  • Allow editing ghost blocks with QAWS keys.
  • Allow undo while editing static and moveable properties, such as colour, OCB and such.
  • Additional view option to hide light radius (under "Show other objects" dropdown in toolbar).
  • Properly draw flyby path using splines and indicate flyby camera direction.
  • Use two decimal places for flyby options.
  • An option to dither 16-bit textures.
  • Animate ghost blocks on selection.
  • Rotate sector flags along with sector itself.
  • Don't deselect current object when cancelling object placement.
  • Fix sharp edges on imported room geometry by default and introduce an option to set it.
  • Fix lots of bugs with imported geometry handling.
  • Fix epic bug because of which every sound source was created twice.
  • Fix texture selection combobox not populating properly in animated textures dialog.
  • Fix nullref exceptions on faulty sound catalog reloading.
  • Ask for automatic reconnection of all found offline media on reconnecting just one.
  • Fix lagging gizmo movement.
  • Fix prj importing for all-wall room cases.
  • Add experimental "Moveable Tint" feature for forward compatibility with TR5Main.
  • Add experimental "Trigger Volume" object type for forward compatibility with TR5Main.
  • Add experimental TR2 compiler.
  • Add TR3 compiler.

  • Major refactoring and performance improvemets.
  • Fixed many bugs.
  • Added level batch compiling.
  • Added context-sensitive autocomplete.
  • Added live error underlining.
  • Added a new, improved #INCLUDE compiling method.
  • Added F1 functionality similar to NG Center.
  • Added many new features to the FileList, such as file creation etc.
  • Added a new Find & Replace dialog with tons of new features.
  • Added a DEBUG mode for finding errors inside NG_Center.
  • Added custom color schemes.
  • Added section separators for Classic Script.
  • Added a warrning indicator when plugins are missing.
  • Added OCB list to reference browser.
  • Added OLD Commands list to reference browser.
  • Added NEW Commands list to reference browser.
  • Added Sound SFX Indices list to reference browser.
  • Completely reworked the Settings window.
  • Completely reworked the syntax preview in the status bar.
  • Completely reworked the flag definition window.
  • Disabled persistent TRNG scripter notepad.exe nagging.

  • Allow multiple instances option.
  • Ability to compile MAIN.SFX file for TR3.

  • Fix extreme lag with very long animations.
  • Fix wrong copy animcommand behaviour.
  • Add options to flip X/Y/Z axis for imported animations too.
  • Don't duplicate animcommands on xml animation re-import.
  • Fix and animate sprite preview.

  • Try to guess duplicated item IDs corrupted by StrPix or WadMerger after using it with v130 wads.
  • Easily select multiple checkboxes in lists by dragging mouse across them.
  • Correctly parse alpha channel in TR1 textures while loading TR1 level as wad.

Download: installer, portable ZIP.
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Version 1.3.1 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Fix exception with merged statics out of room bounds.
  • Fix exception when reloading wads with resource auto-reload turned off.
  • Fix endless exception loop when switching to merged statics settings after wad removal.
  • Fix drawing and merging issues with static meshes in TR2 and TR3.
  • Fix sounds, lighting and GUI in TR2.
  • Automatically load default sound catalog for TR2 and TR3 if there is no any.
  • An option to compile MAIN.SFX file for TR2 as well.
  • Restore accidentally deleted TRNG snow flag.
  • Optimize memory usage.
  • Fix Lara rendering for TR5Main target.
  • Bring back compatibility with legacy TR5Main file format.

  • Added the ability to compile single levels.
  • Many ScriptEditor bug fixes.

  • Read normals and shades for imported meshes.

Download: installer, portable ZIP.
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Version 1.3.2 is now released!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Level settings option to map animated textures to imported geometry, objects and statics.
  • Increased texture page packing ratio for visually similar textures.
  • Support faces with additive blending on model import/export by setting their opacity to anything less than 1.
  • An option to show real tint for all objects (replaces "Show real tint for merged statics" option).
  • Add "Delete all objects" and "Delete all triggers" commands.
  • Remap fog bulb intensity setting from red color to actual intensity field.
  • Focus on selected imported geometry in imported geometry manager window.
  • Disable face/vertex limit overflow errors and replace with warnings.
  • Various additional fixes for TR2 compatibility.
  • Fix exceptions with Metasequoia imported geometry.
  • Fix exceptions with script IDs after room copy-paste.
  • Fix possible transparency issues with UVRotate textures in 16-bit mode.
  • Fix broken mirrored animated textures on triangles.

  • Fixed critical exceptions and crashes.
  • Improved autocomplete.

  • Fix deleting multiple sound samples.
  • Add ability to copy-paste sound infos between different instances.

  • Draw actual skin in skeleton editor.
  • Allow precise editing of bone pivots in skeleton editor.
  • Allow editing bounding box for all selected frames at once.
  • Fix bounding box controls being unresponsive to keypresses.
  • Fix exception after pasting shorter animation into longer.
  • Fix exception when selecting empty sprite sequence.

  • Turning off "Vertex color light" import setting now really affects import result.

Download: installer, portable ZIP.
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