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Congratulations to winners and very well done to everybody (Especially to the ones who got 0 points (I feel so bad for them lol)) . I knew that Hostile Waters will be at first place, it was a nice level.
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Congratulations everybody!
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Congratulations SrDanielPonces, very well deserved. Congratulations to all other people on top 5. Thank you all other participants and AgentXp for this challenge. I definitely had fun both building and playing.
Happy new year!
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I have to thank every single of you for all the amazing support I've been receiving before and after having released this level!

I'm so happy to see the efforts I've put were worth it, and I'm definitely going to work as hard (maybe even more!) on my future projects!

I also have to thank a few people who without them, this level wouldn't be the same:

Lore, for beta testing my level and giving me amazing suggestions on how to improve this level visually;

Baratheon, for making the amazing logo you can see in the title!;

DJ_Full, Klona and StarringRole (sorry idk your TRF username) for being the most nitpicky beta testers and have found 1000 bugs that nearly killed me of stress, but, without you, my level would be a buggy mess!;

Joey, for helping me with some sound effects I would never be able to do myself;

Dustie for having disappeared for no reason \_(ツ)_/

And with that said, I decided to make a compilation video of people reacting to my conveyor belt death! Hope you like it

Congratulations to every builder who made a level! This competition was definitely a success, and if we get to make another one in the future, I will definitely participate, as classic-themed levels is what I'm aiming for in my future projects!!!!

Happy new year
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^ Congrats!!!!!!!! Well deserved
Btw, didn't knew you could die on that thing! omgggg hilarious
Castle Kriegler (Part 1)
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Congratulations everyone, especially SrDaniel and Lore! It was close, wasn't it...

Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces View Post
And with that said, I decided to make a compilation video of people reacting to my conveyor belt death!
I jumped and screamed at that part, didn't see that death coming even though I assumed something's gonna happen. Probably the most brutal and cruel death I've ever seen in a TR level.
I don't speak German but I can if you like.
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Congrats to the top 5!
And special congrats to Daniel.
(Nice video! )

Well done everybody!
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Congratulations to the winners!
And a big "Thank you" to all the builders for giving us new levels to play.
Unfortunately I have not managed to finish them all yet and therefore could not vote.
Maybe next year
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Congrats to SirDaniel and the top 5...
Enjoyed every single level here - it was so nice to see the variety of locations and everyones amazing ideas come to light.

That reaction compilation OMG haha
I never actually tried it out in-game.. though I did run on it like a little treadmill machine LOL

I'm actually really excited for future competitions - and I'll be darn more prepared that I was for this one hehe

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Congratulations everyone !!
Can't wait for the next CAC competition !!
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