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View Poll Results: Which reboot Tomb Raider game is your overall favourite?
Tomb Raider 45 17.86%
Rise of the Tomb Raider 78 30.95%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 106 42.06%
March of the Penguins 23 9.13%
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Originally Posted by MillenniumMan12 View Post
Exactly my thoughts. Even though I loved the gameplay and tomb raiding in Shadow, Rise didn't leave the same bad taste from the other necessary elements lacking. I voted Rise.
I voted Rise in the end too for the same reason.
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Shadow. It feels like the more complete and exotic version of Rise, and as stupid as it may sound, exploring the hubs with the outfit restriction turned off makes me appreciate the environment so much more, as it feels more like a TR game.

It's a shame about the no Manor, but oh well. At least we got it in the flashback which was done effectively, IMO.
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Shadow for its color palette, brilliant tombs and location.

I hate Rise for its lack of color and Geothermal Valley boring hub with Elder Scroll-like characters. The valley was the biggest hub and it was nothing but grey and brown color. It was oh so boring to watch.
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Not my favourite, but I like RoTR the most out of the three games.
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RTR. STR is leaps and bounds ahead of RTR in terms of tombs, but RTR improved upon its predecessor and was a better overall game.
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Charmed requested this? That's funny I recently sent a PM to Rai about the same thing :P

Anyway, I would definitely still say Rise is my favourite. It has just so much more replayability with the extra modes and the Deadly Obsession mode doesn't feel too unforgiving.

Rise also handles the weapon upgrades signficiantly better. I actually felt more progression in Rise than Shadow.
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Rise for me a 101%. and i think even if rise didn't have the 20 year celebration edition (croft manor and content), I'd still pick rise over shadow. There are things that i didn't like in shadow.
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I enjoyed Reboot but I thought it was far too removed from what a TR game should be.

Rise did everything better and to me up to that point it was the best TR game since TR4. I love everything about it. the setting, the atmosphere, the story. And with Blood Ties and Baba Yaga included, it's a TR game for the ages, I wish in the future they release a version of this game with the customized difficulty system of Shadow.. The only downside to Rise was that it adhered too much to what characterized Reboot (linearity, quick time events, and while toned down it still had tons of combat)

Then came Shadow. The biggest achievement in that game to me was that it wasn't afraid to ditch whatever worked with Reboot. the game opened up. puzzles were at every turn, combat was non existent. I had a blast playing it. I would say that it's the most fun I had playing a TR game since TR1. **** story and outfit restriction. this is a TR game through and through.
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Yuna´s Wish
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Shadow > 2013 >>> Rise
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Shadow, no doubt. I don't care about combat in TR, so the lack of it was a plus. Finally the focus shifted to exploration and tombs (it should not have taken three games to get there). It's not perfect by any means - the writing was dodgy to say the least, especially for something that was meant to be a bombastic conclusion to the trilogy, and certain gameplay and marketing decisions surrounding Shadow reflected poorly on people's perception of the game, yet I still enjoyed it the most out of the three.

TR2013 is close second. Sure, it might not be a genuine "TR experience", but it's a quality action game and an exciting ride from start to finish. It's clear that CD put a lot of heart and effort into it. And that final line, "I'm not going home" was a perfect conclusion to the journey (which was subsequently marred by Rise).

Rise looked pretty (outside of the main snowy hub), however, for me, it was too predictable (Ana's evil and Jacob's the prophet. Groundbreaking!) and didn't go far enough to be a proper sequel. Compared to its predecessor, Lara's progression in it felt stifled and insignificant, like TR2013's momentum was completely lost. I enjoyed the game when it first came out, but I don't think I'll ever replay it. Everything about it just leaves this bland aftertaste that I'm not eager to re-experience...

Originally Posted by Yuna´s Wish View Post
Shadow > 2013 >>> Rise
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