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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
I'll say this: there were many moments, especially during puzzle segments, where even the classics would throw like a wolf or two to shoot at, just to spice up slower segments a bit. Like you pulled a lever, opened a door somewhere and BAM sudden combat encounter. SotTR had many moments that those would have make the game a bit more active.
I agree, the odd animal or supernatural being encounter in a tomb would keep things lively. It's the human encounters that I am happy to keep down to Shadow's levels (or less). Animals might take shelter in an abandoned ancient temple or tomb, so it makes sense they might attack if disturbed and it can be bit of a shock if a stone statue guardian comes to life when you're trying to break in. I certainly wouldn't mind a return to that kind of encounter. The difference with the classic games is that human enemies were generally less than what we've seen in the reboot, so combat was more varied and less of a military operation.
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I'm not sure if the 'lack of combat' answers to an artistic decision or to a rushed one lol. There is indeed a poor combat design especially regarding abilities and stealth, but it didn't affect negatively my gameplay and I still enjoyed the battle sections. I did use all of the guns: the shotgun for Yaxiil, the flame pistol when I was in danger (it killed enemies with one shot) and I got fun poisoning the enemies and activating bombs in their corpses.

I'm surprised that there're more than 300 enemies, they didn't feel that much.
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Originally Posted by LaraLaraLara View Post
its a pretty big issue I thought it would be deserving of a thread. also i am new and illiterate so
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Originally Posted by xspacedude View Post
Happy 2018
Rude much?

There can’t be 300 enemies in Shadow.... o.O
TR needs to be about cities, discos and military bases again.

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The problem when you so like Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider and you need another fix...

There's not a lot of video game alternatives. This is me assuming that you find that Shadow is a letdown combat-wise.

Lara Croft is just too big of an entity to have a substitute.

Imagine playing Tomb Raider reboot and you play GTA 5 next and that game's protagonist is like TREVOR or something.

Imagine the transition from Lara Croft to Trevor (as good as GTA 5 is).

Then you play something like Metal Gear Phantom Pain and you realize that the protagonist is fake.

Or play something like Hitman and nobody gives a damn about Hitman.

The closest game I can think of is Uncharted Lost Legacy, but you cannot play that game if you haven't played any Uncharted games prior. You can't appreciate it that way.

I played Uncharted 4 prior to playing Lost Legacy and I swear, Uncharted 4 is 50% climbing simulation.

So if you think Shadow drags in pacing, UC4 can still surprise the heck out of you. It's also a dragging game, but with better graphics.
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I liked the reduced amount of combat in Shadow and would definitely keep that over going back to Rise or 2013 levels. I do agree with points that have been made about too many human enemies and the way combat is too focussed on arenas rather than surprise attacks.

On the guns there were too many choices that didn't seem that individual. They didn't really need so many weapons but it's fine aside from lack of duals
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The large weapon variety was not needed for the lack of enemy encounters. I usually used the basic pistol, shotgun, rifle, and bow. I only changed because I had the option to have variety, but the most basic weapons perform perfectly fine. I Most of the combat is head shots. It’s actually too easy.

I miss locking on to a target and being attached by several enemies at once, and carefully picking which to kill, while avoiding damage with tumbling.
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There is no weapon variety in my book, just 4 weapons as always. The rest are just skins or minimal upgrades.
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Meh. TR games, minus TR1, have always been about lots of weapons choices.

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Originally Posted by cephasjames View Post
Meh. TR games, minus TR1, have always been about lots of weapons choices.
To me that was honestly part of the charm of the combat.

How you'd find weapons and ammo more often if you were good at secret hunting, so you'd be able to have an easier time with combat generally.

Otherwise you end up with stuff like my Last TR2 playthrough where you're in a "Oh god I have no medpacks, 3 guys to kill and my most powerful weapon is a shotgun that I cant' get close enough to use effectively.) and the combat gets hard, never finished it due to my Vita breaking but I was hunting down every medpack and ammo pickup I could in the monestary.
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