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Default Post 10 random facts about you.

  1. I drink at least 5 cups of tea a day.
  2. My favourite video game of this generation is Bloodborne.
  3. I am the youngest of 3 siblings.
  4. Out of my siblings, the oldest is the media creative one, the middle is more business focussed, I'm the most academic.
  5. I'm British but have never been to France.
  6. Would love to become a scientist for the BAS (British Antartic Survey).
  7. More realistically, probably going to be a game developer.
  8. I'm hoping to move to Norway next year.
  9. I planning on building a new PC by the end of the year.
  10. I'm probably also going to buy a PS5 too.
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1) I'm a jerk.
2) I can't list 10 facts as I can't count that far.
3) Tomb Raider and Digimon World are probably my two favourite videogame series.
4) My interest in TR3 is high at the moment.
5) 5 is as far as I can count.
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1. I have anisocoria in my right eye (permanently dilated pupil).

2. I have a biology degree and it's worth less than the frame it sits in. I picked the wrong program for the province in which I live.

3. I can squat and deadlift 185 lbs (I weigh considerably less than that).

4. When I was 6 I experienced my first power outage in the Philippines and thought I had gone blind. I still laugh about that to this day.

5. I used to speak Kapampangan, and still know a few words (just enough to sound like an idiot if I tried to string them together).

6. I'm really good at memorizing useless strings of numbers on sight. Don't ever tell me your credit card number.

7. I can type really fast and it freaks some people out (but I know people who can type faster, I think?).

8. I'm currently obsessed with Before the 90 Days: 90 Day Fiance and it's for the stupidest reason. It's also a good way to kill time in this situation.

9. My birthday is Halloween, which isn't nearly as cool as you might think.

10. I've been to Jamaica and it was AWESOME!
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1) I'm half Canarian half Arab.

2) I love dogs, but I'm afraid of having one in case it dies. My grandpa had 3 and it was so traumatic losing them.

3) The only movie than can touch my frozen heart is Lilo & Stitch

4) As a kid I used to believe I was Lara Croft. I used to jump like her and even imitate her animation when I hit a wall.

5) I hate shaving.

6) My fav colors are purple, red and black.

7) Storytelling and narrative has always been my passion.

8) I'm very good at languages. I'm fluid in Spanish and English, mid level in French, and I can get by in basic Greek (I love Greek). However, while I'm usually good at reading and writing, my biggest flaw is the speaking. I don't articulate in my native language and I can't get rid of my accent.
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1. I have double-jointed shoulders.
2. When speaking English, I tend to speak in what I've been told is a fairly convincing Yorkshire accent/dialect - despite the fact that my preference in writing is American grammar and vocab, and I've never actually been to the UK besides.
3. I have a limited-edition TR2013 poster with various dev autographs in print, and Rhianna Pratchett's autograph in marker (from when I attended a press event for the game in 2012, which some of you might remember - best day of my life ).
4. My favorite color is chartreuse.
5. I was a smoker for six years, my preferred cigs were Vogue Bleues.
6. I am shade 210 in Fenty Beauty's foundation and concealer lines.
7. The first album I ever (had) purchased (for me) was Spice Girls' Spiceworld.
8. I always take stairs two steps at a time.
9. My biggest childhood fear was Abe from the Oddworld series.
10. I do not know how to ride a bike (or how to ski, or ice skate - which for a Swedish person is problematic lmao).
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1: I like to eat a lot but I don't get fat by doing so. While many would love to have this blessing for me it is a curse.
2. TR is my favorite obsession.
3. I love dogs but I don't like to have cats as my pets.
4. My biggest fear is drowning, a car crash, heights and fire.
5. My first language is Latin American Spanish, I learned English playing Tomb Raider.
6. I have a bad habit which is smoking cigarettes.
7. I never thought I'd be on this forum for so long.
8. My favorite gaming console is the Sony Playstation (all generations)
9. I used to be an Xbox guy for 6 years but I saw the light
10. My favorite color is Red
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I think there was another one of these years ago so I'll probably end up repeating some facts from there

1) I have a weird phobia of skyscrapers. Being on top of them, inside them, even on the ground near them or in any way close to one. Being inside a glass lift moving on the outside of one is absolute nightmare fuel. I don't have a general fear of heights though. In fact I love mountain scenery so much.

2) I have a younger brother and we are both gay. I don't know why their mind would go to this but, more than once, people have asked a very blunt, stupid and disgusting question when they hear this.

3) My favourite colour is aqua.

4) My family are from all over the place and by my own deliberate choice I'm no longer in contact with many of them. It's sometimes left me feeling a bit confused and identity-less, if I'm being honest.

5) I hate the "athleisure" fashion trend with a burning passion and want it to die.

6) An accident at birth almost killed both myself and my Mom. We're both fine but I have a scar on the left side of my head as a souvenir, which becomes visible if I cut my hair too short.

7) My favourite subject in school was Geography.

8) I'd like to move out to the countryside when I'm older and married.

9) My first celebrity crush was Howie Dorough from Backstreet Boys, and I never really grew out of that, he's still fine to me even in his 40s.

10) I have abnormally good memory, especially of specific life events, even going back into early childhood as young as 3.
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1) I am the first in my family from either side that will hopefully get a PhD;

2) I was a really good swimmer when I younger. As in "even out of shape I would easily win most competitions I participated" good.

3) I have weirdly flexible thumbs. Google "Elisabeth Olsen thumbs": mine do the exact same thing.

4) A good chunk of my family from my mother's side (including her, me and my brother) is/were colourblind.

5) One of my cousins is a relatively famous musician in Portugal.

6) I was one of the winners at a comic strip competition at my university.

7) I got early stage Lyme disease when I went on tour with my choir.

8) My first job was about making sensors to test if wines were good or not.

9) I am a really good cook, but usually too lazy to tool fancy stuff.

10) The first time I saw the T-Rex in Tomb Raider, I cried with fear.

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  • I was born in South Africa and came to England at 5 months old.
  • I used to be a door-to-door sales person on commission only and it was the best job I've ever had, to which I still pine for those days.
  • I've lived in 4 different cities in England, and don't plan to stop there.
  • I've been to Finland, Norway, Holland, Rome, Spain and Paris.
  • I'm currently learning Italian.
  • I can do a number of accents (which may or may not be accurate); Texan, Californian, Scottish, Southern Irish, South African.
  • I used to have a nape piercing, which I loved, but it rejected eventually.
  • I donate 20 a month to Voluntary Services Overseas.
  • I have investments in 8 different companies.
  • I am the original creator of this meme:
Cemeteries are the safest place in the world; it's the living you should fear.

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1) I have low self esteem, and even though I've felt worse, I'll never be able to fully shake it off. Lack of self-confidence comes as a result of it

2) I can't dance, and feel awkward and uncomfortable if people try to make me to.

3) I'm shy, but to overcompensate it and tend to be a pretty funny guy, who's always trying to cheer people up by making them laugh, even joking about myself in order to do so.

4) Watching TV shows, listening to music and playing wow are my favorite hobbies

5) I've been working since I was 18. When I finished my Professional Course, and did an internship, I did everything I could so they'd hire me. I'm from a poor family and my parents couldn't afford University. My mum told me she would do the effort if I wanted to study, but I'd never put that hardship on her. Luckily they asked me back and hired me, and I've been working there for 10 years now

6) I didn't come out to my parents - I've asked my sister to tell them

7) I've lost my virginity at 14, with a guy, that I've met through an online dating website - nobody from my family ever knew anything about this

8) My mum got married aged 16. Became a mother at 18, and a grandmother at 37,

9) My mum is the youngest sibling, and my father is the oldest. My grandmother gave birth to 6 children. 1 died when he was days old. 1 died when she was 6 years old. 1 of suffered many epileptic attacks when she was a child and became retarded - she died last year aged 59. My grandmother is 92 years old, and still lives her normal live, alone, without any major incapacities

10) Even though I don't believe in the afterlife/spirits, my family has a history of it. My grandmother would often times run into her daughter (the one who died aged 6) taliking alone at night. She would as her who she was talking to, and she would reply she was talking to a lady dressed in white who told her she would take her with her - my grandmother believes it was an angel

My grandmother also has told me multiple times she was visited by spirits from our family, like my grandfather and her children who died. They'd enter the room at night, and her body would be imobilized while they were there.

My mother has also told me a similar story, where a spirit dressed in white entered her room at night, her body became imobilized - it kneeled down at the end of the bed, and then went away. When she was able to move again, she got up to check, and door of our house was wide open at night.

Extra one. 11) my father once bought poison to kill himself. My sister took it away from him. Sometime later, she tried to commit suicide by drinking it all

Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
5) One of my cousin's is a relatively famous musician in Portugal.
OMG, who is it?

Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
2) I have a younger brother and we are both gay.
Oh wow, this is actually pretty surprising to me. The likeliness of two siblings being gay must be pretty low

Pardon this question, in case if it's way out of hand - how does your mum feel about it? I mean, I get that she might be supportive, but having two of her children being gay must've been really hard on her, right?
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