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Old 21-09-12, 21:31   #521
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Quite happy
Finally sorting some money out so I can feel stable and independent
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Chocola teapot
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I can't go on Msn OR Skype whilst connected to my cousin's Wifi.

It saddens me deeply, because I haven't spoken to my online babes for a week.
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I'm extremely happy.

I'm going to see my favorite band of all time in concert on the 8th, and now I just bought some backstage tickets to meet them.
Face and defeat your Guilt
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Tired and a bit bleh
I need scissors, 61.
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Linoshi Croft
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So freaking agitated.
In your own way, at your own pace, pulling through.
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Tired but happy. It's Mabon (the autumn equinox), so everything smells of cinnamon and sandalwood incense, and there's lots of yummy comfort-foods that can legitimately be eaten now the weather's getting colder and wetter

I've just finished decorating my altar - lots of pine cones, apples, barley ears and autumn leaves (plus a single baby sunflower, because it's going to get ruined if I leave it out in the rain that's forecast). Now, all I want is to snuggle up with a hot drink, warm blanket, cat, book and boyfriend
Out of cheese error!+++ MELON MELON MELON+++Redo from Start!
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sierra xb
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today, i feel.....

just yuck

6 weeks of sick now? i have lost track
I KNEW I should have brought demon-chasing shoes.
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It really annoys me when people come online, reply to my message, and then go offline. This also seems to happen during mid conversations with no warning. >_>
Forget guns and forget ammunition, I'm killing them all on my own little mission
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I'm going to go insane and explode if I don't receive my order tomorrow.
Good Night.
(trying to stay calm and nice. :3 )
Team GOLD: Give Our Lara Duals
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the ancient
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