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I run up to 7 miles now for 50 min-1 hour once every week in preparation for cross-country season.
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That's great man.
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I know this is an old thread but thought I would add to it.

I do a bit of running as well round the park near where I work but I'm quite stop start with it and in the winter I really struggle with motivation for it.

My main thing I love doing is Zumba and dancing which is where I can be a bit crazy and out there . I did during lockdown do the Zumba licence to teach classes but need to do some further training before I can teach live classes in person though.

I have done bouldering before and recently started doing an aerial circus class which is fun but my shoulders and arms are dead for about 3 days afterwards.

Would love to bring this thread back and maybe learn about some other things to try too.
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