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The13thElysium, I've checked and there's no 'H' landing spot on the nearby RX-Tech ship, but it does have a large flat deck so maybe it's possible to land a helicopter on it? Also in South Pacific island we never see Lara's method of transportation so I'm guessing maybe RX-Tech ship ferried her there?

(On second thought, we don't get to see how Lara travelled to any location beside Antarctica.)

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Probably this depends on the order you play the levels.

If you start with Nevada, Lara will use the UFO to travel to SPI and then London, where she takes the helicopter that is waiting for Sophia... probably this was supossed to land on the ice breaker that was standing on an already reformed/reshaped iceberg...

Obviously i'm just talking s***
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^ The UFO theory is always legendary.

I really only revived this thread for 13thElysium because I recently had a conversation with my pilot friend. But apparently me trying to give some logical and realistic tidbits only resulted in people coming up with more insane theories about Lara taking a ship all the way to Antarctica (which would take weeks, why would she do that?).
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